Put on the Vinyl

Posted by Bruce on March 22, 2015

The sun feels so great, finally warming up just a bit to tempt the idea of spring.  Spring of course, arrived a few days ago.  Not soon enough!  I love all of the seasons except for winter.  Of that, I am not a fan. This year I promise to get outside, weather permitting.  Last summer was so cool that I never once got to the beach.  Well that will have to wait for the time being but walking the Danforth is now in season. I continue my stroll west on the Danforth and enjoy the sites and sounds of Greektown.  There are so many shops still to discover along the Danforth strip and now that the snow has melted away I am excited to discover the shops as always and see some old friends along the way.mikes-music-store-toronto-cds-vinyl-dvds-records-300x225 I can’t help but enter a shop called Mike’s Music Shop.  It’s been around for years.  I  passed it many times while I shopped the Danforth.  On this day I had to stop in.  I wanted something.  I wanted the new music by Annie Lennox.  I had seen her performance on the Grammy’s and was blown away.  “I Put a Spell on You” was an incredible performance. With my birthday around the corner I thought, yup, this is the album I want.  I’m old school for the most part and downloading is not my thing.  I have done it and feel a real disconnect.  I love going into a shop and supporting local merchants.  What real benefit is there to clicking a button on a computer?  A shallow benefit, at least in my opinion. The shop is full of signage from the past and new advertisement of the up and coming.  But the best part is the vinyl that is available.  Vinyl has made a real comeback to the music lover because you cannot beat the depth of sound fused on this medium . The cool guy that runs the shop has been there for many years.  A reminder of a time long gone when people could work a small career, a dream, and not have to jump from job to job because of the pillaging by large corporations that steal the local clientele and put a spell on them with their mass stock possibilities and low discount prices.mikes-music-store-toronto-cds-vinyl-dvds-records-inside-3-300x225 Even still they can’t give you what these little shops do; a real sense of community.  The guy took time to discuss the music on the new Annie Lennox disc.  We talked music for a few moments before he made himself available to the other patrons. I picked up my music of choice and we said our goodbyes.  What a great moment spent meeting that long bearded fellow.  I haven’t enjoyed shopping for music that much in such a long while.  It reminded me of when I used to go to my local shop in my home town, when I would take hours to choose just the right vinyl with my $15 that I had saved from my part time job. I’ll see you soon Music Man.  I look forward to more music chatter!

Mike’s Music Store


Edited by: Mary Ellen Monk

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