R.I.P Robin Williams

Posted by Admin1 on August 17, 2014

Never underestimate the power of laughter. Never underestimate that the ones who are making us laugh are often in the deepest of personal pain. The world lost an incredibly generous person. A man who brought down the house with his moment to moment humour. When my partner interrupted my phone call to tell me what happened the world stopped.
Robin Williams is gone and the universe is dark. What happens to a person so filled with talent and love? When are we going to point a spotlight to mental illness? Be it depression, be it anxiety, be it addiction. Hollywood seems to be becoming the tragic tail of the Rich and Hurting. Of course that is a broad statement but how many incredible artists do we have to lose before we stand with them through their difficult times. How lonely does a man have to feel to take his own life.
Let’s try to take a deep breath and remember that smile. That cosmic energy that never seemed to end. You know it hasn’t ended. With his vast library of incredible works Robin Williams will, after the tears, continue to make us laugh. Forever we will laugh but for now we have to mourn because this was just not suppose to be the end of this story of love and laughter.
R.I.P Robin Williams.
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