Repo What You Sow-Rocky Horror-What a Ball part 2

Posted by Bruce on November 06, 2011
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We came, we watched, we cringed. It was one thing to be seeing a shadow performance of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” but to have the night also include “Repo the Genetic Opera” it was a double feature picture show incarnate, staged with a shadow performance to kill! The place, The Toronto Underground Cinema, of course was the dwelling we would enjoy the first of two performances that night!

Ladies and Gentlemen!!!! Repo! I have mixed reviews about this musical? Part of me wants to like it and part of me wants to loath it. Sorta like the American version of X Factor! Just when you think “Hey this is not a bad show.” The judges make some bad decision to keep the wrong act! That happened last night and I couldn’t help but throw my double buttered popcorn at the T.V screen.  I mean they kept the group that lypsank…. hmmm is that a word?

Repo begins- the lights fade and the visual enema begins. The first number is this rap like song, with a strong chinned dead looking man… “and your organ come in a very small vase and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah….. You know after about 1 minute, that a lobotomy might be your only escape. It’s not really easy to leave the theater because the shadow performers are slinking up and down the isles. So I stay and begin the exercise of removing my shoulders from the turtle position every once in a while to release the agony. Now I have to say the theater was not at all as full as it became after the movie when the second feature “Rocky Horror” was about to begin. I don’t think the audience is the same, if you know what I mean. Rocky Horror is a cult classic and Repo is more like “Buckly’s” There are so many other options why even bother taking it. Unless of course you like that killer pine tree taste.

One moment of “Well this is kinda cool.” was when the director introduced the movie and thank everyone for coming. It made sense after I saw it “These idiots will go see anything.” was the possible inner dialogue.

Oh God I have gotten so wrapped up in running it down I never even took the time to tell you what it is about. I am so sorry, but anyway, it’s about a company “Cosco” no “Kresge’s”, “Esso” One second let me look this up!………..”GeneCo!!!”

In the year 2056 – the not so distant future – an epidemic of organ failures devastates the planet. Out of the tragedy, a savior emerges: GeneCo, a biotech company that offers organ transplants, for a price. Those who miss their payments are scheduled for repossession and hunted by villainous Repo Men. In a world where surgery addicts are hooked on painkilling drugs and murder is sanctioned by law, a sheltered young girl searches for the cure to her own rare disease as well as information about her family’s mysterious history. After being sucked into the haunting world of GeneCo, she is unable to turn back, as all of her questions will be answered at the wildly anticipated spectacular event: The Genetic Opera.

And that is it in a nut shell!!! There were a few highlights for me, not really from the movie but from the shadow performers. They were excellent and if it were not for them I’m not sure I could have sat through the whole movie without getting up to cruise the bathrooms. The actor that played “Repo Man” and the actress that played “The young girl” were very good and worked their parts very well. The one thing about a performance like this is that the actors don’t really get a break like a stage play because hell or high water they are on until the movie ends. The entire cast was excellent… I thought.

Well kids that’s about it for me this week. The Toronto Underground Cinema is a real gem and needs your support. Get out go so see some strange and wonderful works of art in motion picture. Regardless of whether or not you love the movie, you are sure to walk away with an experience that just might land on a blog some day!

Out of 5 kisses

Repo: 3

The Cinema: 5!!! Smack!

The Winner of the Halloween costume photo contest is….



Your Tim’s card is on its way!

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