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Posted by Bruce on October 25, 2015
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What a week!  Trudeau gets the majority (which by the way I guessed correctly on my blog) and Ricky Martin killed it at the ACC.  What a show!  A far superior show to the Madonna fiasco the week before.  It started on time for one thing and the other being he didn’t keep calling us bitches all night.  Ricky had an artist open up the show and he was outstanding!  “Wisin”


The show was truly a spectacle and I don’t mean in a big bang boom sort of way.  Not like over the top distractible because the artist can’t perform themselves out of a plastic bag.  I used plastic as the bag reference because plastic is bad.  Paper bags are so much more environmentally friendly.  Therefore singing yourself out of a paper bag isn’t really necessary.  Now plastic, that’s a material one had better get out of otherwise!!!  Not a good ending to that chapter.
When Ricky came out he was truly present.  He was connected to the audience like he really wanted to feel our energy.  I’m serious!  He was right there, his heart was on his sleeve.  I have never seen a crowd so enraptured since I saw Michael Jackson or Tina Turner.  They poured out their guts for the love of the audience.

We were all on our feet for most of the show.  The music was electric and sexy as hell.  He is full of sex.  It’s not the kind of overtly sexual behaviour that has you blushing of embarrassment for the person trying to sell their latest goods, but just a real passion for life and the body and the heart.  It was as though he was teaching us all how to let it go and forget the bull crap of the day.  Live La Vita Loca!  Well for 2.5 hours we were all living wild and free. 12109282_10156141292355521_1135254877360543782_n

Ricky did the coolest thing.  He had us all dance.  He told us to not care how we dance or who might not like it, but to dance.  He looked out into his audience and said, “I want you to forget the day.  Forget the stress of life.  Don’t care if your neighbour doesn’t like how you move.  Just move! It’s time to dance”.  We danced our faces off and we cried and we sang.

We were enraptured.  And I’ve got to be honest, I wasn’t expecting the show to be crazy good.  I thought this should be fun to see that Menudo guy sing us a song! Was I so very wrong!  This Ricky is a bona fide superstar and if anyone has a single doubt, I triple dog dare you to go to his concert and sit on your ass if you can.  I guarantee you will be up and you will be loving it!  Male or female you will fall for Ricky because he is so fine!  He blew my mind!  Oh Ricky! http://rickymartinmusic.com/


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