“Roy” out the barrel!!!

Posted by Bruce on November 04, 2012
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It’s funny you know, I get told all the time that I am a bit of a drama queen! I don’t know. I don’t see it but even though I do my best to avoid drama, it seems to find me wherever I go. I just love that I can get away with comments like that and since you only know me by the things that I write it’s almost believable. Fine for integrity purposes I will admit that I may be a bit dramatic from time to time but I will not concede to the title drama queen. What can I say, I am a man with a plethora of emotions! I am a writer!

One thing I am not is a “Grudger”. A new word for you. It means a person that not only holds grudges but seems to get high off the experience. You know I think some people really get some strange satisfaction in holding a grudge. You know how some people get all excited when they are able to, say surprise someone with a gift or party. Well the same adrenaline can be expelled into the body when one is a “Grudger”. Unfortunately one is very unhealthy. While the other has a more euphoric reaction.

As we took our places in the well worn seats of yet another local pub, the discussion of grudging was on the table. Myself and a couple of buddy’s decided to have a little cheap and cheerful midweek at a Scottish pub called “The Roy” Another note worthy place in “Leslieville” From the outside the place didn’t really look like much. You know the kind of place I mean. Two kale worn men sitting at opposite ends of the bar drinking cheap beer and over eating on the peanuts. Well we took a chance and went in anyway. To our total surprise the place wasn’t like that at all. Oh the two old guys were pillared at each end of the bar with there cheep pint and peanuts but the rest of the seats were filled with preppy’s, yuppy’s, queers and steers so we happily ordered ourselves some cider and commenced with a truly fabulous lunch.  A mosaic of Caesar Salad, Scotch Egg, Fish and Chips and Corn Beef on Rye! Really delicious!

As we talked about people we knew that were “Grudger’s” In my mind I counted two. Two friends who for some reason could not let go the mistakes of others and decided it better to cut the friendship off like a rotting arm then to work it out and save what was good about knowing each other. One of my best friends is full throttle in a new relationship and for some reason his partner and I just can’t seem to work out our differences. After several get togethers our differences were outshining the similarities and so bad feelings emerged. I sent some nasty notes he sent some nasty notes and walla!! The grudge began.

I have to be honest. I felt bad. I actually really liked the guy. I decided to write my friends partner a letter inviting them out for dinner. I thought the keg be a good place. Who doesn’t like a hot slab of meat to work out relationship issues. I did receive an email back that had hmm a friendly blow off at best. Stupid me. I wasn’t surprised. Why because I am not a “Grudger” Shit happens. I get mad then I get over it. If we all held grudges on everyone that ever wronged us we would be living alone on an island.

I wrote back basically saying wow and left it at that. Weeks later I received another note from the same person who felt like letting me have it again. Saying I never said sorry etc. wasn’t an invite to dinner enough? I thought it was but in this new age of facebook and social media it seems people would rather an online note or public broadcast. Sort of like your modern day lynching.

As  I look around at the signs on the walls here at “The Roy” Beer it’s what’s for dinner! Guinness for strength! Work is the curse for the drinking class! Life is full of difficult decisions! (a poster featuring all kinds of delectable beers) I can’t help but think. Is the “Grudger” the guy or girl that got old, got bitter, forgot that making and having friends is always much better than brooding over an over sized beer. Don’t get me wrong. As I sit here for another Sunday brunch at “The Roy” I can’t help but enjoy my cider “Waupoos” from Waupoos County right here in Ontario! Fabulous!!!!

Look. I never said I was perfect. No doubt you are not either but what I am is willing to move on! So come on whatever crap your going through, give it some serious thought to move on. As I gulp my cider and check out the cute guy behind the bar two of my closest friends entered the pub and waved me up.  I love when people except and love me for who I am and I them in return.  Even when being a Drama Queen! There I said it! Let’s face it! Everyone needs a good Drama Queen! And everyone needs a good Pub! So with Waupoos in hand I hope you will just try and let it go! Don’t you think it’s time to “Roy” out the barrel? Take that grudge out for a drink. Maybe at The Roy!?

Thanks Lyndsay (Our Server) and Mark (Owner and Operator) for the great company and drinks!

The Roy

4 kisses out of 5

894 Queen Street E
Toronto, ON M4M 1J3
Neighbourhood: Leslieville
(416) 465-3331


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