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Posted by Bruce on August 12, 2018
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There is a service that many people, young and old, rich and famous, and some with none of those titles at all that enjoy the talents of a stylist to help create their perfect image for any business to casual lifestyle. Although the word stylist gets over used these days at places like Holt Renfrew, there really is a talent that’s required to pull this task off with finesse and artistry. Don’t be fooled by the difference between a sales shark and a talented stylist. I met such a woman this month at a concert for one of my favourite music artist. I had to know more about this talented fashion artist and so with further ado here is my one on one with Nelly Akbari.
Bruce: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me. I loved Lydia’s look at her show recently and really felt your influence of style really marriaged with her music perfectly. Are you a local stylist?
Nelly: Well thank you. I am a fashion stylist in Toronto yes.
Bruce: Did you always call Toronto home?
Nelly: No, actually I am originally from a suburb north of the city
Bruce: What brought you to the big city?
Nelly: I attended Ryerson University for their fashion communication program.
Bruce: I’ve never heard of that before. What were you hoping to do with your professional life by taking this program?
Nelly: Well specifically with the dream of becoming a fashion stylist.
Bruce: You’ve always dreamed of doing this then.
Nelly: Yes, for sure.
Bruce: What are some of your biggest accomplishments so far?
Nelly: Well throughout my time in school I landed an internship with Flare Magazine, Degrassi: The Next Generation, and my current agency.
Bruce: Wow not a bad resume straight out of the gate!
Nelly: Thank you and these internships helped me make amazing connections that helped me build my career and make all of this possible.
Bruce: That’s very impressive!
Nelly: Thanks and in 2016 I relocated to New York City for 5 months and there I was able to be a part of amazing projects for Vogue Italia, Zara, and Interview Magazine.
Bruce: That’s Fabulous! I love New York. I write for a magazine there. Everything is everything is New York! But I digress! How
lucky is Toronto to have you back! Are you back?
Nelly: Yes, currently I am back in Toronto.
Bruce: Excellent! You seem like you have a pretty full calendar.
Nelly: Definitely. I’m working full-time as a fashion stylist consulting on wardrobe for fashion, commercial, T.V., and music clients.
Bruce: I know getting this interview was a bit of a challenge because of your long days and late nights. Working with music artists specifically, what’s that like?
Nelly: Personally, I love the experience working with musicians – that collaboration process with another creative individual creates the most amazing looks.
Bruce: Well you’re very talented and I’m very happy you agreed to chat with me. I know you’re running off to another event so all the best and I can’t wait until we cross paths again.
Nelly: Thank you Bruce.
Bruce: My pleasure.

You can find Nelly on her Instagram @nellyakbari or her website @

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edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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