See You in September!

Posted by Bruce on July 29, 2012

Hello city! Hello world! Hello Summer holidays!  I’m not sure what you are going to think about this idea.  I might as well toss it out there and see what you think.  As you know, I have been writing my blog since October of 2011.  I think I have done my very best to inform and entertain you with my antidotes and stories, yes? Well, OK hold your breath. I am thinking of taking a holiday!  “A hush falls over the crowd.”  Yes it’s true.  I am thinking of taking August off to reflect, retreat and renew!

I love writing my blog as you all know and I love the odd comments here and there posted from you guys but everyone gets a holiday, right?  So, I thought to myself, August would be the perfect time to enjoy the season and head off into the cyber unknown.  Of course, I would “See You in September.” because I have no plans of abandoning my baby! Strangely enough it is a difficult decision to make. But hell even the kids from “Glee” get the Summer off. “Well they didn’t last year cuz they were on a world tour, but in any case.”  The stories I could gather and the trouble I could stir up, just in time for Labour Day would be well worth it!

On my last count only a few short weeks ago, I had over 1500 readers. Now most of you are lurkers and never say a word but I know you are reading and every once in a while I know I hit a nerve! Confession! I think it is my favourite part of writing.  I either get it very wrong or I’m getting it very right.  Unfortunately only time and reflection can answer that one.  Your wondering I’m sure “What about the book club I just launched?” Well that is still very much in tack and with the time off I will be able to really enjoy my first book of choice.  I will pop in for a visit say on Tuesday, August 31st to give my review of the book.  That will give us enough time to enjoy it without feeling rushed.  And just in time for my Labour Day Weekend relaunch (the following weekend) of “Bruce in the City-the blog”

So it’s a date?  As any writer, singer, poet, celebrity “Oh wait I’m all of those things!” Would know, there is the risk of losing you guys to other blogs and other up and comers but alas I think I can count on you.  “Hmmm, it’s not working out to well for Oprah.” But hey, maybe I’ll stop by to see if you have posted anything for me.  I won’t hold my breath! “Je T’aime” but I know how it works. “I know why the mocking bird, mocks.” As an adorable animated character once shouted “Get some hot water! Get some disinfectant! Get some iodine!” I think this little vacate is just what the very cute Dr. in his early 30’s ordered! But, that’s another story!

I just love you all and will see you in September! Please sing along with me! Karaoke: See You In September

From Bruce… In the City! You all get 5 kisses out of 5!

Happy Summer Holidays!


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