September’s B.I.T.C Beard contest Beards On!!!

Posted by Bruce on September 22, 2018


Have I got a beard for you! This is The Pirate! @thepirate2014 on Instagram! Go to my official Bruce in the City instagram @bruceinthecity to vote now by hurting the heart on his photo and bio post! You got two chances to vote! Do it!

Fun facts: 1st i love my Carmel Rums they keep me in high spirit🤣
:2 that spirit traveled me trew 17 Caribbean islands  and had me tall shipdiving  in a pirate show
:3 while on land ive walked from Bolton Ontario to Lexington energy efficient  i also ride a ebike
:4 fallowing suit with 3 i love cool socks as they make my legs look sexy under my kilt
:5 Rum all round and a shout out to my brothers world-wide that are bearded an all beard clubs and all the ladys that love our beards

Go vote now!

Bruce in the City

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