Shared Occupancy

Posted by Admin1 on January 19, 2014

I was face booking with my gal pal and we were discussing our shared distain for Winter when it occurred to me.  Maybe it’s not Winter I hate.  Winter itself is actually a wonderfully romantic time full of, I don’t know, what?  -40, deadly windchill, dark exaggerated nights that begin at 4pm.  Yeah, it sucks but what can you do but embrace it the best you can.

I decided to embrace it by trying another new Sushi place on Church St. I haven’t been over to Church St. since, I don’t know, when.  Oh yes back in the Summer after my day at the nude beach “Hanlan’s” Damn I miss that Island right now.  Anyway I think that was when I hit the village last.  The weather has been so ridiculously bad this winter I have barely pocked my head out of my turtle neck for some stale indoor air.

I went for some drinks with a good buddy of mine who always seems to keep me out way later than I want to but never regret the time spent.  Drinks were not filling the void so we decided what else but to check out a new Sushi place in the heart of rainbow land. It was wild because when we stepped inside it was like “Aw this is where all the people are.”  Seriously I have been to a lot of Sushi places and never have I seen so many people jammed into one place enjoying the cuisine.

We new immediately it had to be fabulous and probably over priced. They offered an all you can eat menu as well as a regular menu and so we decided to not do “All You Can Eat” It was getting on and why completely kill the meaningful buzz we were already feeling. Now I know I have talked about Sushi places before but this one was a little different for me.

You see after dinner I had to use the little boys room.  I noticed the obvious door that led down a short hall and  I saw two signs.  One for the boys and one for the girls….. They led to the same room. I was a little startled so I stepped back out into the restaurant.  I obviously looked puzzled because a guy from another table close by pointed and mouthed “In there” so I went back in. It was as I thought. This was my first Boy/Girl washroom experience.  Not including the Gay bars which don’t count because it’s always a sorta free for all.

OK so I’m generalizing things a bit here but hopefully you get my point. But there it was a long hallway with little rooms where either sex could use the facilities as they needed and within the same room and sharing the same water fountain, sinks, paper towel and mirrors.  I was a little surprised. I just felt odd about the whole thing. I’m not sure why but my thought was am I advanced enough to appreciate this new more intimate male female experience. I would have to say, no I wasn’t getting it.  I think I prefer to do my thing in a room designed for just the male gender.

Well actually I prefer to do the deed alone but when the moment calls, sitting in a stall next to, say my girl friend. I’m just no so sure.   I mean what? Do we chat through the paper thin wall how much we hate winter as she exclaims  “Man I hate that white stuff!” It’s just too weird for me.  I made my way back out to the restaurant and with my dinner in my throat we paid the bill and got the heck out of there.  I can’t say I’ll be back I’m still a bit of an old fashion boy at heart and I’m just not ready to be exposed to that experience again.


PS: I didn’t get the name of the place but I’ll post it to this blog when I find out!!


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