She took me down!

Posted by Bruce on March 09, 2014

Well Happy International Woman’s Day!  Of course today is not actually the day but who’s counting?  It was Yesterday March 8th.  I spent it at my “shop around the corner” which has it, specializes in the happiness of women.  Actually for most of my retail career I have worked in the women’s division of almost every industry ( fashion, jewellery, home décor, body care) and one thing I have learned for sure, women know what they want.

Women are truly the driving force of this industry we call “Retail”.  Retail comes from the Old French word tailler, which means “to cut off, clip, pare, divide” in terms of tailoring (1365). It was first recorded as a noun with the meaning of a “sale in small quantities” in 1433 (from the Middle French retail, “piece cut off, shred, scrap, paring”). Like in French, the word retail in both Dutch and German also refers to the sale of small quantities of items. (Thank you Wikipedia!)

Even during our financial downturn a few years back. It was the “Woman Force” that continued to spend in their favourite places making sure they survived.  No one stops a girl from purchasing her favourite  designer shoes not even a recession.

It was with this thoughtful admiration that I thanked the cashier at Shoppers and made my way carefully down Don Mills road towards home with some groceries in hand.  My ankle is still tender to I am trying not to over do it. Especially with much of the sidewalk still covered in ice. Most of it black ice. Which is the worst.

As I walked I noticed a figure way up the road coming towards me.  I could tell it was a human of the female species so I felt at ease.  I hate walking head on with a “Big Boy Man. They can be so aggressive and have a strange need to own the sidewalk.  I’m not sure why.  Men are strange that way.  I like to call it the “My Syndrome” Let’s look at Putin for a moment. He feels he wants something. He just decides to take it.  Sadly men tend to operate under this kind of system. That’s why they need a UN to help each other stay in line. It’s like one “Big Boy Man” sitter! I certainly hope in this case the sidewalk remains free from this timely owner.

As I limp along the figure get’s closer.  I notice her bag “Louis Viton” Lovely choice. Although I am not a fan. I don’t like the insignia slapped all over it all the time.  It’s at this moment I realize the women walking towards me is walking straight for me.  I had only moments to decide what to do. There was icebanks along the sides of the sidewalk making it impassible for me to move out of the way so I slowed up slightly and continued to walk straight forward.

The woman looked right into my eyes and slammed right into me! Right into my shoulder. Knocking me off my bad foot causing it to catch my balance with full impact and sliding on the ice beside me.  Holy crap! She did this completely on purpose.  She continued to talk on her smart phone and did not even flinch.  I rambled off a few short words and stood their in complete shock.  She took me down! She didn’t care at all that I was limping pre slam. She just owned the sidewalk.

I couldn’t help but smile to myself after I gained my composure.  Your probably wondering why.  Well it was funny to me that I was thinking so fondly of women when I got taken out by one. It reminded me that all of us are capable of doing good things in this messed up world we live in and to celebrate a specific person for their gender, ethnic background, sexual identity or religious persuasion is only the first step in making the world a better place.

Did the woman who knocked me over feel like she was being celebrated?  I don’t think so.  Whatever her day was full of one thing was for sure. It wasn’t full of confidence and happiness. It was clearly full of something completely different and I couldn’t help but wonder why.  Why was it me she chose to lash out at?  Maybe because  I was vulnerable  as she has been made to feel on so many occasions in her personal life or maybe in business.  Maybe her boyfriend recently belittled her by cheating on her.  Maybe she is sick and tired of making less money than her male counter part?

I have no idea really.  Maybe she is just a jerk but one thing is for sure.  She was about as cold as the ice I had to apply to my ankle that evening and that is the worst injuring of all.  I wish I could have done something to let her know I was one of the good guys but our meeting was too short.  I wish I could have told her some joke or bought her a cup of Joe.

If by some speck of a chance the woman who slammed into me reads this, I would tell her “It’s ok I have broad shoulders, I just hope you are able to find your place on the sidewalk without having to take it like a man.  We have all been down that road too many times before and look where that has gotten us.” Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder. It’s the only chance for change.

Happy Women’s Day.




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