Sinead…. What the…..!

Posted by Admin1 on September 18, 2011
Star Moments

I’m about to post my blog for today at, let’s see 1:52 am because I have yet to fall off to sleep, when I was thinking to change my mind on the blog that I was going to post!! There is only one girl out there I let proof read it and I’m sure when she see’s this post she is going to be like….what the blah blah blah because I’m just not feeling the bitterness tonight. It could be all those repeats of Glee, making me feel all sensitive and soft! You see I, aside from popular opinion am not always the scary critic that rants and raves about just anything! You better know that if I am going to rant about something, I have a damn good reason!

So ok I’m sorry but I have to pass my opinion yet again!  I was minding my own business this week, heading over to Yorkville to star gaze I stopped over to my favourite pub, The Blarney Stone for a nice glass of vino and nibs when I notice in a column a write up about one of my all time favourite singers, Sinead O’Connor.  Now I just loved this woman. She was daring, coward-less, the bold bald rebel in her hay day and then I see this  What the….  Ok Sinead stop sniffing glue.  You were so bad ass. Your voice was velvet underground and your bald head made me want to be a man but these sex tweets and your obvious late night runs for pizza are getting the best of you. I think it’s time for some dancing with the stars, hmmm, and maybe some style rehab.

I would like to match you up with Chaz!!! You know Cher and Bono’s little pride and joy! Tell me that is not a match made in trans homo bi whatcha thinkin life style flotation device heaven!  I just don’t understand how one who can put the Pope to head spinning in the 90’s, is now giving Christine Aguilera a run for her heavy booty money.  How many pizzas does one have to consume before they say “Nothing Compares to, my booty not being able to get through the door, You.”  I think you need a good kick in the can by one of Prince’s ex girlfriends for turning what was one of U.K’s biggest anthems into a song about a much needed dildo!  You don’t need sex lady, you need some self realignment.  If you want to take a chance give me a call.  I’ll put the “I” back in those Irish eyes of yours.  You need the gay-avenger to save you from complete social humiliation! You’re Sinead, dammit! Go grab your self esteem, wake up and smell the vinyl!

I hope you read this and get mad because despite my anger at your stupid twitter thing and you’re begging for sex or love or for other celebrities vibrators you are still an outstanding talent and you need to get on your website and your twitter and say your sorry to all those girls and gays who believed you when you sang ‘Nothing Compares to You.” Maybe it’s time you look in the mirror and sing it to yourself!!!! Sinead write some more great songs and stop insulting your own intelligence with your sex begging rants. Guess what it’s not an attractive look on anyone! Hey, you can always tell them your website and twitter were hacked. I do that every-time I remove a friend from facebook that I am no longer interested in! Wake up sweetheart your talent is passing you by! And give me back my dildo!

As I finished making love to the fish and chips platter, the thought came to me.  Sinead needs to get the blarney back.  I mean, it happens to us all. We are an a role! Life is our oyster and then our partner of 10 years breaks up with us or we lose our life long career.  What ever it is, it comes in and steels, even for a brief moment who we are and tries to replace it with an insecure hybrid of the true self. Sinead you need to get yourself into a good self help book and stop reading the liner notes of your Clash albums.  Here is a hint from me to you.  I’m more likely to find passion in this pubs bathroom before you are ever going to find it, tweeting about it!  I think we have all become just a little to absorbed with watching life on these small cyber devices instead of getting out and meeting people, enjoying the day.  I would go out right now but like I said it’s now 2:02 in the morning.

On that note I’m off.  Just a quick shout out to my one buddy who got stood up this week.  “He has no idea what he is missing!” and to my friend who told me how much she is enjoying my blogs, thanks a million and guys I’ll be seeing you Tuesday night for Glee!  I’ve got the vintage ready!  I feel so much better I got all that off my chest! Hey don’t forget, this is not life…. get up! Get out and find yourself a new pub, a new bar, a new friend or better yet, take the day to find, YOU!!!!

….Times getting away on me, so I finish my last sip of wine and say cheers to my freinds at the Blarney for another week.



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  • Great Blog Bruce….Thanks again. What happened to the very talented, beautiful, sexy, mysterious Sinead?? I didn’t recognize her. Food and things can’t fill the void, because she starting to look like a landfill…The pearl has been removed from her oyster. The only way she can get her luster back is with a grain of sand just one little grain of sand.

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