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Posted by Bruce on May 01, 2016
Check it Out!, Politics Really?

I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with all of the fallout still spilling onto the gay community.  It seems like everyday I am bombarded by anti rhetoric.  We like to believe we have come a long way, but I don’t feel we have.
I have to ask first, “Why is everyone so obsessed with what is happening in the bedroom of people anyway?  Are we living in the dark ages?”  I don’t spend my time and energy thinking about what “straight” people are doing in their bedrooms!  Aw yeck!  It’s just gross and weird when you think about it with a logical mind.  I don’t want people other than my partner (and maybe a few flirting guys) thinking about me in that way.  It’s absurd and I think rather perverted!

Plus it is more and more obvious that money and acceptance seem to go hand in hand.  If you have the money, you can get excepted into the “I’m normal club”.

We hear all the time now about the corporate world and how it folds to the demands of the gay community if we threaten to pull our funding support or threaten not to buy your clothes or whatever.  But is this really getting acceptance?

I’m not saying these strong handed motions are not a good thing, but I don’t think we should mistake this response as acceptance because it isn’t.  It’s the money factor.  I think it’s a sham really how corporate the Pride Parade has become.  I don’t care if the BMO accepts me or if the local church floats down the street waving it’s rainbow banner.  These things are a good thing but more needs to be done.  The conversation needs to get real.

All over the world gay people of every walk are being thrown off of buildings, having their heads cut off, thrown out of churches and denied basic humans rights.  Sadly, the real underlying factor behind most of these cruelties is religion.

That bites right?  I go to church.  I have gone my whole life and there are good people there trying to make a difference.  But if the people ruling the schools don’t get their heads out of their asses, our attempt to live  an authentic life doesn’t really exist.
We can kid ourselves all we want and play equal rights but it’s still a pipe dream until we say, “screw it” to all these labels we constantly give each other and just start calling us who we are “The Human Race”.  As Pride Day approaches, let’s not forget as we sit on our perfectly sculpted patios and our lovely decorated homes, that for the most part we are living in a bubble created by the corporate world and the government to appease us into silence.

Speak out, your lover could be on the other side of life feeling the cool blade of intolerance.


Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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