Spring Rollin

Posted by Bruce on January 21, 2018
Really?, Restaurants

This is still my favourite part of my blog. Just me getting out and trying out local spots and telling you how fabulous they are. Sometimes however, they can be not so fabulous.

When I was out this past week getting myself organized to write my first review of the year,  I decided to go to Spring Rolls by Thai Pan on the Atrium on Bay Street. It’s not really on Bay first of all, it is on Dundas. Not sure why my receipt said on Bay. Anyway, their all you can eat lunch costs $18.49. I thought a bit much; I’ve been to many sushi places and this price was a bit high for fast food sushi but I thought I’d give it a shot. Most of the time pop is part of the deal. I mean pop is so cheap, why stick it to the guest? And certainly not at $2.29. But I didn’t argue the price. The place looked nice enough so I thought why not. I needed to clean off my holiday palette with a little fresh fish. Sadly, the server was really slow and I watched people who came in after me get their food before I received my soup and a couple of dumplings. The bowl was not even half full and the dumplings were under cooked. And that I’m afraid was the highlight of the meal. There were so many obvious dishes missing that are usual items at other all you can eat sushi bars. I asked the server for sushi pizza for example, a dish that is pretty basic on many sushi buffet menus. He just shrugged and said we offer more dishes at dinner. Which, by the way, they charge over $26.00. I think it’s actually $28!! Of course don’t forget the coke at almost $2.30! It was a very disappointing meal and I’m pretty addicted to sushi, as a bud of mine joked on Tuesday. So really it has to super suck for me to complain. The other thing that really bothered me was the quality of the sushi itself. The rolls were messy and loose and the pieces of fish were shaved like they were trying to stretch it out in fear of running out. It was also embarrassing as my plates piled up on my table.  Just bad. My server tried his hand at a joke and so he gets a point for that but generally the experience sucked! Written without prejudice. Try it if you want. It is only my personal experience you know!

1 kiss out of 5


edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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