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Posted by Bruce on September 04, 2012
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Wow is August over already? I just want to say welcome back and I am so pumped about being back in your box’s. My August was crazy, insane and taking the month off, though I missed you, was a really fabulous break.

For starters, “Unemployed in the City” has now become a nightmare of the past! As you may recall, last October I was let go for “Business Reasons” a couple of days after Thanksgiving! Cruel right?  I was completely devastated.  The way it happened still points my eyebrows to the center of my forehead.  I can tell you one thing.  I have learned more about myself in this past year than in my entire lifetime, after facing my professional carnage.

I am proud to say, we made it.  My partner and I along with his aging mother found a way to make ends meet.  Thank the maker I am brilliant with money.  Budget! Budget! Budget! Amazingly strange life is.  As I make my way into my new career the happenings of October 2011 are now a retreating nightmare.

In other news, I went to see the folks at their weekend getaway this summer and to my delight “Christmas in July!”  Everything and everyone decorated in Christmas trim and it was 100 degrees out! I truly love this story because even though it is a silly little event. At a silly little resort, it reminds us just how a couple of silly little persons can make a shift in the world.

It started a few short years ago on a hot day in July in a trailer resort in Peter-borough. One aging man decided to dress up like Santa Clause and make his way through the park on his tractor and hand out treats to the kids frolicking around there trailers. Moms and Dads looked on in child like surprise as they recognized this loved colleague of the park. Everyone thought this was a wonderful idea and from that year on this quaint little camp ground played host to  Christmas in July! I will tell you this. This year the event was large enough to get the attention of the local television station. There were over a dozen floats created by the families in the park and gifts for all the kids that were in attendance for the arrival of Saint Nick himself!  It really did end up on television for all to see! Apparently I was spotted in the crowd! I loved it!  For a moment I was a kid again. No worry, no stress just allot of people sharing allot of good. Good for that silly aging man and apparently my one silly Uncle of mine that was the first to add his hand crafted float to the front of what would become the parks annual  “Santa Clause Parade!” That’s a fabulous tale!

Over that relaxing weekend I was able to complete my first “book club” book “Will You Take Me As I Am” Joni Mitchell’s Blue Period and it was a very intriguing read. Overall it was a well written work by Michelle Mercer.  I have always had great respect for Joni Mitchell as a songwriter.  The pictures and moods she paints are completely inspirational and transcending and I did gain a deeper understanding of Joni as an artist as well as a person.  It inspired me to dig deeper when it comes to my own artistic abilities. To trust my own instincts and take risk from to time to time. Life is too damn short to live it vicariously through others.

Will You Take me As I Am

Joni Mitchell’s Blue Period

by: Michelle Mercer

4 kisses out of 5

A little something more before I sign off for this week:

I have been asked on many occasions from readers “How do I make money from writing my blog?” The easy answer is “I don’t!” It never was the point for me. I love writing. Probably as much as singing or dancing but had never nurtured this passion.  I do have many poems and consider myself more of a poet then a writer but I love to write and share my thoughts with you. I suppose to many literary peoples, I may not be considered a writer at all and that’s fine with me. I am comfortable bestowing on myself my own title “The Great Rambler” and there I will sit. I know one thing, I will never lack for something to say and I just know that’s why you adore me the way you do.

Before I go any further I have some readers I have to say hello to. Tom! Mary-Ellen! Stephanie! Ron! and my buddy at Carlton Cards, I wish her all the best with her new adventures. Keep reading and posting your comments!

Last but certainly not least as promised, since it is the first Tuesday of the month it is time for me to announce the latest book for my “Ever Growing in Popularity” book club!


by: Daphne Du Maurier

Daphne Du Maurier (1907-89)

Daphne was born in London England. Her Father was a famous actor-manager Sir Gerald du Maurier and Grand Daughter of George du Maurier an author and artist.  From an early age Daphne was fascinated by imaginary words and even created a male alter ego of herself. Hmmm very Lady Gaga, No?

She began writing stories and articles in 1928, and in 1931 her first novel, The Loving Spirit, was published.  Maybe we can take a look at that novel sometime in 2013!

It was her novel Rebecca that launched her literary career into orbit and made her one the most popular authors of her day.

So without further adieu, I highly recommend to you, “Rebecca”

I hope you are all feeling Stunning! Fabulous! and Rested!

Until next week!

Je T’aime

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