Summer heat. Trendy treats.

The sun has been shining in Toronto and it seems Summer will arrive on time after all. It’s been so cold and rainy lately and I was sure we were heading for an early Fall. Then it arrived. That blistery heat we have all come to know and love as Torontonians. I was shopping the other day at The Shops at Don Mills in one of those heat waves when I I suddenly had a craving for something sweet. Something cold and something fabulous. There was a little festival going on in centre court and it looked like a scene from that eighties video Saftey Dance from Men Without Hats. Look it up, it’s very retro bohemian. I stopped into a trendy little dessert bar called Ice n Cake gelato and patisserie. I love good desserts. This place has got them. I had the biggest slice of carrot cake with a side of gelato. The cakes looked like art really. Beautiful decorative toppings and decadent inners. I just enjoyed every bite. I think I’m going to write a blog about this delicious cafe. Oh wait.


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I have been writing my blog since 2010. I was inspired to do so after enjoying an amazing meal with some friends of mine here in Toronto. I decided to tell everyone about my great night and the fabulous restaurant I went to and shazam my blog was born!

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