Summer heat. Trendy treats.

Posted by Bruce on June 18, 2017
Check it Out!

The sun has been shining in Toronto and it seems Summer will arrive on time after all. It’s been so cold and rainy lately and I was sure we were heading for an early Fall. Then it arrived. That blistery heat we have all come to know and love as Torontonians. I was shopping the other day at The Shops at Don Mills in one of those heat waves when I I suddenly had a craving for something sweet. Something cold and something fabulous. There was a little festival going on in centre court and it looked like a scene from that eighties video Saftey Dance from Men Without Hats. Look it up, it’s very retro bohemian. I stopped into a trendy little dessert bar called Ice n Cake gelato and patisserie. I love good desserts. This place has got them. I had the biggest slice of carrot cake with a side of gelato. The cakes looked like art really. Beautiful decorative toppings and decadent inners. I just enjoyed every bite. I think I’m going to write a blog about this delicious cafe. Oh wait.


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