Summer In The City.

Posted by Admin1 on July 13, 2011

It seems like the sun has finally arrived in Toronto and summer in the city is now in full affect. I have to post my blog direct on facebook this week because my web hosting company is working out some glitches in their system.

I have been writing my weekly blog for 10 months now. It’s hard to believe how fast a year flys by. To be honest I thought it would have caught on better than it has. I guess my rose colour glasses are a little dirty. There have been a few comments posted here and there but for the most part it seems my little stories have gone unnoticed, sorta like this great big city of ours.

I work at a pretty prominent downtown business and almost everyday I deal with guests from other cities and other countries. The one thing I can’t help but notice is that everyone always seems to be so proud of where they come from. Especially those who are visiting from New York or Paris.

Even Torontonians are going on about how thrilled they are to leave the city to go find love and adventure somewhere over there. Is this city so loveless and dull that leaving it seems to be the best option. You very rarely ever hear anyone say “I ran off to Toronto at a moments notice, to find love” It always seems to be somewhere else.

After taking in a movie the other night at the Manulife Center, me and my date decided to take a stroll down Yonge street. It was just coming onto dusk and the city was lightly bustling. The movie had sorta inspired me and so I decided to ask the question “Why are we always running away to try to find romance and love?” Where did the magic of this beautiful city go? Did we ever have it? Do people travel to Toronto and find love and adventure? Does anyone care about a blog dedicated to the city they live in? Or is it just a jungle of twisted metal, long work days and political agendas that never seem to end.

I looked up at the buildings young and old and I wondered, if they could talk how many love stories could they tell. Somewhere in the heart of this city I think people are still falling in love. Maybe as Canadians we just don’t talk about it. I mean I don’t remember any award winning T.V shows telling everyone this is where the love is.

I think our city is like a “Winners”. You have to really look through the wracks carefully to find the real gems. There are some wonderful streets just off the main drags that offer allot more cozy, lovely shops, eateries and lifestyles that don’t scream corporate hoer. I think it would be rather difficult to fall in love over dinner say at those box restaurants that are blasting satellite radio and offering the great American way. Not that I am anti American but that is only one concept. The reason these other places are so alluring is because when we visit them we lay down the mundane of everyday and try something new. We will go into that restaurant that offers that strange dish. We are free from habit so we try something new. We walk down streets we don’t know and we feel we can really be ourselves. Then we are surprised to find love and adventure? By all means go away if you like. Have a blast but remember if you can’t find it in your own backyard it may have never been there to begin with.

As for me I’m still very much in love, with my life, my partner and with this city.

Especially in the summer!

Now for heavens sake make a comment this was a labour of love!!!! :o)

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  • I read your blog each week and it makes me laugh. I don’t usually have a comment and sometimes I get a few weeks behind but I catch up quickly. I miss seeing you and wish it could happen more often. I can always count on having a good time when you are around and my cheeks usually end up hurting from laughing and smiling so much!
    I’m very proud to say we are family!

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