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Posted by Admin1 on June 24, 2012
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One thing is for sure! Toronto has some of the best concert and festivals in the world.  When I moved here almost eight years ago, one of the biggest draw factors for me was being so close to the arts. I have been entertaining people for 30 ish years.  That is hard to believe and since I am not big on world travel, I knew I needed to live where entertainment lives.

Really my love for music and the arts started pretty young. My brother Ron bought me my first Pop record in 1982.  Can any of you guess what it was?  Well I’ll tell you. It was Thriller by Michael Jackson.  Long before the madness and long before he become the King of it and actually I was a fat kid so he also bought me the 20 minute workout album. Which was this sleazy little workout show back in the eighties.  I will never forget Beth. She was the sleaziest workout host of them all. She worked my chubby little ass for an entire winter season and with the Michael video’s, I slimmed down and started performing out!

My ode to music would be incomplete if I didn’t mention my first big trip into the city. It was with my Dad back in 84. He surprised me with tickets to see Michael and The Jackson’s Victory tour! I could not have been more thrilled then I was that night. My Mom and Dad called me downstairs after I had already gone to bed. Half asleep I fumbled down the stairs into  the living room. There sat 2 tickets to see Michael Jackson.  I think I bumped my head on the ceiling. I had jumped so high. The only other time I was that excited would have been the year I received my Batman and Superman dolls. I jumped around that day to.

The concert took place at the C.N.E Stadium. Which I am sad to say does not exist anymore. Of course the C.N.E does and I can share the story of how I conquered that another time. I had never seen so many people. All crowding into this huge outside venue.  I mean thousands of people. Some in Beat It jackets or Thriller coats. The glitter glove was everywhere.  As night fell I thought I was going to be sick with excitement.  Then the lights went out!

“Can You Feel It?” A voice from over a microphone. It was Michael! Then all music glory broke loose and before I knew it there he was in grand ellusion! Rocking the house with a lifetime of hits.  My Dad looked about as thrilled as I! I don’t think he had ever see such a spectacle as this either. We were in aw and finally got the nerve to get up on our chairs like everyone else did. What a night!

Over the last couple of weeks I have had the chance to see a couple of other great entertainers that I admire.  Allot of people still don’t know both of these people. Believe it or not! It’s  Kristin Chenoweth and Loreena McKennitt.  They are both so different but outstanding performers.

Kristin was performing at Massey Hall.  Massey Hall is a wonderful venue but the chairs really suck! My ass was as flat as litmus paper when I left. The other thing that sucked was an usher that kept flashing his light right into the eyes of anyone who would try to take a picture. Very aggressively I might add. Anyway Kristin was crazy good.  She is the girl that had that great show G.C.B before the fine people at A.B.C cancelled the show because it was a little racy. She also guest starred on Glee and was in Wicked the musical on Broadway. Anyway the point is she was outstanding.

Where was I? Oh yes, the arts in Toronto. Yes! Well to bring us back around to that, I just have to mention “Luminato” Ever hear of it? Ok well without going into all the details here. Here is a link for you. Check it out. After you have finished reading my blog of course!

Thank you for coming back! OK so unfortunately you missed it for this year but it’s never too early to plan for the next.  John and I took his Mom and met My Nephew there to enjoy one of many free concerts that they offer during the festival. We decided to go see Loreena McKennitt. She is a wonderful Canadian artist and musician that has found her soul in the tradition of the Celts. She got her start as a busker. Playing in coffee houses and street corners.  As we found our spots on the grass, with bottled water in hand, we were transported into the world of the Celts. It was awesome!

As tomorrow marks the three year Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing. One of the saddest days in my life.  Music and the arts of all backgrounds has always been such a source of inspiration to me.  Let me tell you seeing that one concert so many years ago gave me such a love for music that I’m certain it has been a saviour to me on some of my darkest days.  I miss Michael Jackson. Thankfully the music lives on.  Support the arts in anyway you can in your own city.  Even Michael’s musical roots started locally in Gary Indiana at a school talent show.  You just never know when you will help make a way for the next great musical artist.


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