T.T.C (Try To Cope)

Posted by Admin1 on December 14, 2014
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I know, I know. This is the time of year when we try to put our differences aside and look past the annoying events that may get us down.  Well forget that!  I’ve got a beef and it isn’t roast beast!  Now before I get all kinds of hate mail from readers of this blog, I want to say first that in every complaint there is also a tonne of good people supplying some outstanding customer service.  Lately however I have been so unhappy with what I have been experiencing with the T.T.C (Toronto Transit Commission) or as I like to call it “Try To Cope”.

It doesn’t help that it seems the entire city has turned into one big industrial site with all this construction.  I mean it is literally to much.  I myself feel like moving out of town.  Clearly I am not going to, but hell it’s so bad that unless you come to Toronto during any rush hour you couldn’t possibly understand the pain.

Then you add the “T.T.C and their dysfunction and it is a mess on a mess on a mess.  You know when I signed up for my monthly pass I figured I would be zipping around the city enjoying it’s many attractions.  Not to mention my daily local commute to work.  I never thought I would experience such terrible transit trips.

I took my partner’s mom out with me a few weeks ago to take my pup for a grooming.  She travels in a wheel chair (my partner’s mom not my pup)!  We boarded the bus and I put Mum in a wheelchair space provided.  I locked her wheels and took my seat.  The bus driver took off and we were on our way.  I couldn’t help but notice how fast he was going.  I tried to not think too much about it.  I’m over sensitive to speed as it is so I wrote it off as my being all sensitive.

I noticed the other passengers faces.  They looked concerned too.  He was going really fast.  He sped around one corner over by the Flemmingdon Golf Course and Mum’s chair really started dancing back and forth.  I was feeling pretty annoyed at this point because it was obvious this guy was speeding.  I decided to move a bit closer to Mum; call it a hunch.

He must have been running late!  I don’t really know what was going through his mind but certainly not safety.  Suddenly he sped off on the green so abruptly and with such force that Mum’s chair literally rolled on its locked wheels over backwards!  I jumped up and grabbed her chair just in time before her head hit the steal/aluminum seat behind her.

I yelled for the driver to slow down.  He ignored me.  Everyone on the bus saw what happened and I was pissed.  In a moment he was continuing to speed and I yelled again slow down as it was affecting the safety of the chair.  I stood and approached the driver. “My Mum’s chaired tipped backwards because you are going to fast!”  He then proceeded to tell me I shoud be standing behind her holding her chair.  How unsafe.

I asked what the buckles were for and he said I was to do her up!  I had no idea what to do and apparently neither did he.  He proceeded to wrap the belt around her tires which made no sense to me nor did it look at all like the photo on the lifted seat.

He continued to tell me how I did not know how to look after my Mother and that I shoud have held her.  I couldn’t help but get on Twitter because I just couldn’t believe this guy was blaiming me for his speed and the fact that my Mum could have gotten seriously hurt if I had not caught her chair.

The T.T.C Twitter people told me he should have offered to buckle Mum in and that he clearly needed training in health and safety. Ya no kidding!

Thank God we did finally reach our destination.  A little shaken but looking forward to getting my pup groomed for the Christmas season.

I do wish this was my only nightmare story but it’s not!  I have experience so many horrific experiences with the T.T.C (Try To Cope) that I have decided to dedicate a new blog in January to the “Marvellous Mishap” of this third class city service.

Again I want to stress there are many good stories about the T.T.C but let’s face it, why should we have to praise every person that is doing what they are getting paid to do!  If I give crap customer service, I should be held accountable and that’s exactly what I intend to do with these T.T.C employees that are giving there employer a bad name!

Stay posted for blog details!  Now off to watch “Home Alone”.  Oh shut up! It’s a classic!


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