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Posted by Bruce on December 01, 2013

What people don’t understand the most about a big city when they don’t live in one is how community based it really is. It does seem from a distance that a big city is a just a sea of skyscrapers and stretching streets that never seem to end but the truth is, it’s a lot more like multiple little towns all interconnected.

If you live in a small town your probably thinking “Ya right I would never go to Toronto. I would get lost.”  Well if you act like you are alone yet surrounded by millions then yes you could get lost but each corner is a new beginning to a little community.  And believe it or not there is always someone willing to show you the way.

In my eight years in Toronto I have enjoyed many communities.  The Village, Yorkville, The Danforth, The Beaches (The Beach to Torontonians) and Kensington Market just to name a few and they are all like your own little town.

Everyone just living day to day and making a living and sharing a laugh with a neighbour.  I spent three years in Belleville and the one thing that is for sure Toronto is like 10-20 Belleville’s all joined at the street light’s

The biggest difference is the visitors. Of course we get the traffic so everyone speeds up and spreads out. If you don’t speak up your bound to be run over but take a deep breath and look into the windows of those street front stores and there you have it, family business and community.

The area I am most enjoying these days is Yonge Street north.  Just up around the Eglington area. Such great community there.  As I pass the little shops daily on my way to work it amazes me, all those stores.  Everything your heart desires just steps apart from each other.

I still have so much to see here and eight years have already gotten away on me.  I made up my mind that I was going to stop window shopping and get my butt into these fabulous places and get meeting more of these interesting folks.  It was with this thought in mind that had me walking into a lovely restaurant called Amore Trattoria on Yonge.

I was on my own and just needed to get myself a bite.  I had walked by this place a dozen times and noticed the really relaxing atmosphere so what the heck I decided to get myself some brunch.  Brunch is so dignified I think.  It’s still Breakfast but a little glass of wine is aloud since it’s just moments away from lunch.

I decided to order what my server suggested was the best Eggs Benedict in the city.  He was cute enough so I said “Sure whatever you think.” “And a glass of wine with a shot of O.J.” Good times!

He was right! Stunning Benedict! I just sat back and watched everyone enjoying themselves.  Couples laughing.  Families chatting.  I, making a mental note of the moment so I would remember to share it with you.

Happy Advent and don’t forget to try those shops on the street fronts in your city.  The Malls will do just nicely without you for one day!! And you just never know what you will find!

5 kisses out of 5

Amore Trattoria


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