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Posted by Bruce on April 14, 2019
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By now it’s no secret I have a thing for Greek men. And women for that fact. Stunning and exotic people with an equally incredible history and mythology. I mean who doesn’t like the Greeks?
With the Greeks, comes food! Great Greek food! I can’t get enough really. It’s with this thought in mind when I got on to the wrong bus the other day. My plan was to have another international cuisine but the wrong bus turned into the right Greek Cafe. The bus dropped me at the corner of something and Pape and there was a cute little cafe called Phyllo Cafe. Their slogan fittingly, “Made Just Like in Greece” A true Greek experience. Apparently.
I hopped off my mode of transport and entered the Phyllo Cafe. A really sweet Greek couple smiled from behind the counter and welcomed me. She then handed me their menu and flyer which had a yummy looking strawberry crape on the cover.
What to order, what to order. You know I was feeling more deli than cafe to be honest. Low and behold they made fresh deli sandwiches! Let me be more clear, they make fresh corn beef deli sandwiches on rye, dijon mustard, and heavy on the corn beef. If that didn’t get my partner salivating I have no clue what would. Something told me this was going to be a highly fulfilling afternoon. Two corn beef on rye and two classic Greek sweets please. I grabbed the first bus home and surprised my man with one of the best deli sandwiches we’ve had in forever. I’ll have to return for sure, sooner than later. Their menu is Greektacular! Their prices are excellent too. If you’re local, look them up and stop by. Tell them blogger Bruce in the City sent you! I promise you’ll be back for more.

Bruce in the City “ Hogtown “

Phyllo Cafe
1028 Pape Ave
Toronto, On
Facebook @phyllocafe

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