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Posted by Bruce on September 14, 2014
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Hey gang!!  Just when I think I’ve tried almost every retail career possible, something very special has opened up to me.  I am big on Karma and even when you get your licks you always have to remain positive and open to what life may present to you.
While I was enjoying the “Taste of the Danforth” a few weeks back I ended up being introduce to a wine store thanks to a fun tasting they were doing.  I took the opportunity to take some photos with some of the staff.
Who would have thought just a few short weeks later I would find myself part of this great team.  The whole thing happened pretty quickly.  At a time when I wasn’t really sure what my next adventure would be in my fabulous city, one of my passions found me.
Of course you know I have always enjoyed wine as a big part of my social lifestyle and many moons ago in Oshawa I had worked for the L.C.B.O and I had always enjoyed the time I spent with their wine specialist who taught me a fair bit about wine.
I left the L.C.B.O because I felt I wouldn’t be able to really get anywhere as far as a career and I really wanted to advance myself into a more leadership role.  I left to manage a very cool bath store called “Promised Land”.  They were from Toronto and funny that my taking the managers job would take me all the way to Belleville.
That was a fun time as my family is from there so I got to spend some extra time with them.  Those were good years.  I celebrated the Millennium with a few great friends in a great town. You should spend some time in Belleville they have some really cute stores, but I digress.
Amazing enough I now find myself the Manager of a great wine shop that feels like a little dream come true.
I have so much to learn but with my background and personal lifestyle interest, and of course my outstanding customer service experience, this could not be a better fit!
With that said I hosted my first wine tasting today.  Well, I went to my friend’s place, but I supplied the wine. It was a Jackson Triggs Sauvignon Blanc.  It is a dry white wine that is light on the pallet with lemon and apple notes.  My buddy served a lovely soup and we had some old goat cheese.  We found the old goat cheese a little strong against this softer wine.
The wine was enjoyable and we went on to enjoy another wine from another winery that my shop also carries.  We can chat about that one another time!
We toasted my new career and chatted about planning our next tasting.  I’m so excited and I am looking forward to sharing my new wine  adventure with all of you.
So try it out! Jackson Triggs Sav/Blanc (It’s great with Goat cheese, poached trout, shellfish, hollandaise sauce, pickles and yes, even potatoe chips!)


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