Thai or Not to Thai!

Posted by Bruce on October 05, 2010


Well here I am entering my first post to my new blog!  I never thought I would be doing this because my computer abilities are that of a drowning goldfish, but here I am anyway and what a fantastic time we are going to have.  For my first post I will keep it simple and to the point!  I went out the other night, quite by accident with an old friend of mine,  mostly to discuss our relationship stuff and share advice.  As we sipped cocktails on Church St. in downtown Toronto, another  friend of my friend walked by and decided to join us for cocktails as well.  This new friend had some amazing advice regarding our current situations and also decided we all needed a bite to eat since a couple of cocktails turned into many  cocktails.  We hopped into a cab and went cruising down to a cute little Thai restaurant called “MENGRAI THAI RESTAURANT”.  Though the place prefers you to make reservations, they warmly opened their doors and seated us.   The place was almost at capacity but the host found us a nice spot just beside a welcoming Buddha sculpture.  The decor was relaxing and the music was tranquil.  It was charming and warm.  My new friend, being a fan of Thai, swore this place would not disappoint.  By this time our three turned into four as my friend’s partner stopped in after a long flight back from Indiana and brought a whole new perspective with regards to relationships, wine choices and many long lost kisses to one missed partner across the table from me.  After trying some of the restaurant’s favourite wines and fantastic tasting dishes I finally felt content with all of the advice I had received and had given.  I was stuffed full of all they had to offer, well maybe not all.  The point is, I never had Thai before this moment and I am so happy my first experience as a “Thai” virgin was there.  So the question remains, Thai or not to Thai?  Definitely yes to Thai!   And my relationships also receive an A+

“Mengrai Thai Restaurant”
82 Ontario Street (at Richmond St east)
M5A 2V3
reservations 416-840-2754
take out 416-840-2759
edited by Mary Ellen Monk


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  • I am so thoroughly excited to finally sit down and read your blog, well truth be told in extremely excited to finally be sitting but your blog is equally as enjoyable 🙂 I can hardly wait for Sundays blog…**cue dramatic music**…and as I promised I will definitely check out the Thai restaurant that you recommend, Thai food is my secret passion (ssh our little secret you better not tell my bf or he might get jealous)…anywho..Congratulations on a fantastic first blog someone needed to keep it real and who better to do that than you!
    kisses xxx

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