Thanks, Canadian Opera Company there was no Santa Claus!

Posted by Bruce on November 19, 2012
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OK, so I might be a bit early writing about the season which is quickly approaching, but this week has suddenly brought the Yuletide Season to the forefront.  Today, I hopped onto the trolley and made my way with “closenesses” to the Santa Claus Parade. We were running late, of course, because of church and having to get Mum on the trolley with a wheelchair is not an easy task but we did make it, none the less, and even with a moment to fill ourselves with Toronto’s snack of choice. The vendor dog!

We always have a difficult time getting around downtown with Mum in the chair because the roads are not all that good and the tracks from the trolley make for a crazy ride for this newly minted 82 year old girl.  But we worked it out and with a few pushes and shoves against people who don’t seem to have any courtesy at all for people in chairs, we eventually make it to a very nice spot on the landing of the Canadian Opera Company. About 20 other people had the same idea, so we all quietly made space and waited for Santa to arrive.

Mum was like a little girl. Getting excited enough to get up out of that chair and stand holding onto the glass half wall to hold herself in place. The small group that had gathered were a healthy mix of children, elderly and some disabled peoples. It was much easier for them to take in the parade because it allowed them to see over the crowds of hundreds if not thousands of excited on lookers.

It was wonderful! Marching bands! Trumpeters! Kids in clown costumes and candy’s being tossed all around for eager children, young and old, to gather.  One by one the magical floats passed by and the crisp air brought a real festive feeling to everyone.

Everyone that is but the Canadian Opera Company.  As the parade narrowed closer to the arrival of Santa, from out of the side doors of the opera house came our two holiday villains. “Get down!” they sneered. “Get off. This is private property.”” Get down!”” You are not welcome here.” The old, the children and the disabled all looked in shock as we were all being told to leave just before the end of the parade.

We didn’t understand it. We were quiet. We were families. We were being treated like vandals. We stood like Cindy Loo who was no more than two. It was amazingly disgusting. I spoke up on behalf of the mild and meek who needed the space to be able to see the parade. “It will be over shortly. No one’s hurting anything, and Mum will not be able to see from the street level.” The man looked at me like I was “Garbage” and said “If you want to see – buy a ticket to the opera!!!” “Get down!”

We were all heart broken and angry (Me, my partner, his 82 year old mother, the countless children and the other handy capable people gathered on this platform) disappointed that we missed the last few moments of the Parade. Thanks, Canadian Opera Campany there was no Santa Claus!

I have never been so disgusted in my life!

We will most certainly not be paying for a ticket at your opera house any time soon!

I am not sure my little blog will make any difference in the world to these two power mongers, but I will tell you this, at 82, who knows if we will get another chance to share this moment with our Mum again and if we don’t … you will never hear the end of it from me!

Bruce in the City!

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