That Ain’t No Bull!

Posted by Bruce on June 26, 2016
Restaurants, Try It!

In the neighborhood where I work my day job, I find it interesting to watch what businesses seem to come and go.  Retail is a fecal thing.  I have been working in my shop for two years give or take, and already I have seen at least four businesses come and go.  I’m not sure if that is the Toronto way or if it’s like this in other communities.  I’d be curious to know.  Anyway week after week and month after month I watch the stranger on the block paint their walls and hang their goods and I see them pack up and disappear almost as quickly.  It’s alarming!

Over the past few months I have been watching one retail space closely.  I’m always curious what will come next.  My hope is a cheese place or maybe a market but it seems like Sushi is what pops up when a space comes available.  I love me some Sushi but I think this city suffers from Sushi fatigue.

To my surprise it was not Sushi but a burger shack all the way from my home town of Oshawa.  Oshawa is only 45 minutes outside of Toronto if you were curious.

Anyway I don’t normally get excited about the prospects of meat emporiums but with my desire to eat locally and responsibly this place caught my eye.  They source their beef locally and have been voted top burger place in Durham region 2016.  That’s cool!  I wonder who was voting?  That would have been a wicked gig!  Pass the burger please!

They were smart enough to bring me a free fries coupon which I decided to use right away and ended up buying one of their ever so juicy burgers.  I have been back four times already!  I know settle down.  They’re so freaking good though.  I think they just might be the best burgers I have ever tasted.

I’m not kidding when I put that hot meat in my mouth it was not greasy at all.  It literally became one with my mouth and I couldn’t help but moan just a little.  I immediately shared my experience with everyone that afternoon that I saw at my shop.  I even hooked us up with free burger coupons!  Shazaam!
We are all very familiar with that sinking feeling in the stomach when we eat those burgers at the other places but I never felt crappy at all.  My stomach was pleasantly filled without that sick grease feeling that, let’s face it, we all feel for the most part when consuming burgers.

This Ontario beef injection was just what the Dr. ordered.  They can be found in Oshawa at 106-2069 Simcoe St and in Toronto at 3334 Yonge Street just north of Lawrence about three blocks.  Seriously, so good I’m a fan and that ain’t no bull!
5 kisses out of 5!





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