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Posted by Bruce on November 05, 2017
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Hey B.I.T.C readers!

I gotta say I’m a bit concerned with what I see going on around my city. Permit after permit for the allowance of condo development in the heart of local Toronto villages. It’s spookier than Halloween.
I love progress but it’s totally out of control. I love all the villages in my great city but I’m going to take this opportunity to keep my focus on the gay village. It’s literally getting pillaged with obsorbant rents giving way for major condo developers to swoop in and build their massive structures. The government makes their gold through taxes and we get stuck with corporate coffee shops and drug marts. We lose all the heart and heritage that makes a city a place where people want to mingle and mix and be. The crap truth is that these condos are getting bought up by foreign investors that’s don’t even live in the places. It’s a flip property in many cases driving up the cost of living for everyday Torontonians. So before our very special landmark village is raped into the condo jungle that our crap government is allowing, I’ve got more sexy hot spots you gotta check out before, heaven forbid, they become Shoppers Drug Marts.

The Drink!!! Sexy sassy and full of local hotties. Grab a coffee by day and club it out with great cocktails by night.

I went on Halloween with some buddies of mine thanks to a cute fellow down at the door inviting guests in. I think the real highlight of this cute coffee house/cocktail lounge is its great view of the village street below where all the gouls were out in full force this hollows eve.
It seems this local trend of mixing coffee house and pub seems to be a crowd pleaser. I know I love it! Of course there is alway so much more to tell but alas, I’ll have to save it for another blog. After the long night that was Halloween it was most appropriate to vanish to the north lands to relax at my buddy’s cottage. Made for a perfect Halloween detox. By the way this property is available for summer and fall renting so if you’re looking for a fabulous escape from you’re crazy busy life get in touch with me at and I’ll point you in the right direction!

The Drink 4 kisses out of 5. (Keeping the gay village alive)

Badass B.I.T.C Beard of the Week…. This hot bearded bro has got a nice big one! A beard of course.
Geoffrey is a Toronto local who works with costumes for small and large theatre productions in the city. He is also an entrepreneur and has his own kilt making business among other things. Look for a feature blog on this talented fellow later this month! Hey boys! I do believe this bearded bear is available!


Editor: Mary Ellen Monk

photos by Bruce Christopher and The Drink

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