The 40 countdown begins!

Posted by Admin1 on January 24, 2011

I started preparing to write my blog this past week and I was going to go on about one thing or another with regards to my singing and such but than something happened.  I hurt my ankle and have been stuck in bed since last Monday and no it never happened tobogganing.  With one attempt to go back to work Saturday I ended up stuck in bed again with an even more screwed up ankle.

I decided to take in a movie (from my bed).  It was actually one of those famous books first that’s suppose to change your life.  When in fact it only proves to make some perfect world stranger a gazillionaire thanks to Oprah’s promos and star studded fan fare.  I have to admit I have not read the book and am no critic to it but the movie did knock my socks off.

 I know Hollywood fodder I get it, but there was something too true to ignore in this story.  We all have these little lives we cultivate but for what reason?  What’s the motivation?  Is it for love? Is it for money?  Is it to please someones idea of what or who they think we will be or become. 

To be honest I don’t really know allot of people who are living their authentic lives.  I think I am edging closer as I begin to face fears and pursue my music like I haven’t done in years.  Why I haven’t to be honest I am not sure.  Was it because of the fear of failure?  Maybe the fear of success?  Both I’m sure but I can tell you as forty approaches and I look back thinking of the years I’ve spent trying to please everyone taking a bit more time to do what I want to do is starting to make allot more sense to me.

There is a woman I know that really seems to be pursuing her passion and I find myself a bit envious even though I admire her from a distance.  I have not mastered the act of getting those around me to take me seriously and I think it’s because until recently I never took myself seriously. 

So I wish her all the best as she conquers her world and I will ponder just who and what I really want to be doing at forty.  One thing I am sure of music will be at the forefront because it’s just time.

It feels right so it is right.  You can’t just sit there and wait for life to happen.  However as I sit here nursing one bad ankle and waiting for that rude call from my insurance company,  I continue to cultivate one simple dream, living my authentic life.  I am glad my ankle is being a son of a b*%h because it really made me stop to remind myself to Eat, Pray and Love!

This blog of nonsense is dedicated to my boys John and Alex for joining me on this journey. This journey I like to call “Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Juno’s!” LOL

ps:  I enjoy the Oprah show! I just think she needs to book us for a performance don’t you?

Until next week be kool and send good energy to my ankle! I’m sick of laying in bed!


ps:  With regards to the call from my insurance Jan 25th “Not rude,in fact very helpful and kind!”

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