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Posted by Bruce on May 24, 2020
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It may be a drag to have to stay home, but this amazing prize-winning Drag Queen isn’t letting that stop her. She still has weekly shows every Saturday on her official Instagram. This is my dear friend Sofonda Cox.

Bruce: When did you start doing drag?

Sofonda Cox: I started drag on October 1999…Halloween. It was a dare and a chance to get in for free in a nightclubs huge Halloweed event called ABRACADABRA at RPM aka The Guvernment nightclub. Promoter offered free entry to queens. So why not?

Bruce: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Sofonda Cox:My biggest inspiration is actually not a drag queen. Its Beyonce. I often emulate her.

Bruce: Where can one find you performing?

Sofinda Cox: You can find me performing regularly, weekly at Woody’s Thursday Cabaret, Saturdays Best Ass and Sundays Cabaret as the main resident host. I also do some Thursdays at the Bisha hotel- Mister C nightclub as a disco hostess whenever I get free time. It’s always different performing at different times as times change. This time I love performing a cover of Bon Jovi “Livin’ on a Prayer.”

Bruce: What’s the craziest situation you found yourself in during a performance?

Sofonda Cox: The craziest situation I’ve found myself in while performing was flying over 8,000 people at the Canadian National Exhibition on a harness in 2002 for a mega show I choreographed Unity 2002 Pride.

Bruce: What about love Sofonda?

Sofonda Cox: I do not have a partner this time. My past partners have always supported my career. They always help me out when I am in need.

Bruce: Tell me about your new song!!

Sooner Cox: “Kiss My Aaawww,” my latest track came about while just hanging out with friends. A twist on the phrase “‘Cause I’m a good Christian girl.” Since I’ve been jet setting to LA, Texas, and Vegas quite often I thought I might as well write a song about it. Then “Kiss My Aaawww” was born. A collaboration with Producer James Forrester and beats from DJ Nucci Romero made it happen.

Bruce: My final question for you is this. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Sofonda Cox: In ten years I always see myself living partially in states, maybe winters in L.A. and Toronto in the summer. I also picture myself traveling and performing all over the world.

Instagram @sofondacoxto

Thanks so much Sofonda. Its always great chatting with you. See you on your live broadcast on Saturdays from 1pm to 10pm.

Author Bruce Christopher 

Editor Martin Rye

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