The Brothers Three

Posted by Admin1 on August 20, 2017
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The¬†nights are getting cooler in Toronto. Just a bit. It’s been a pretty damp summer overall. Probably one of the wettest in recent years. I haven’t seen the island yet this year and yet to see a beach. However, I wouldn’t write off summer just yet. After recovering from viral food poisoning, not fun, I decided what better way to get off apple sauce and crackers was to first take a dip in the outdoor pool on Broadview (Riverdale Outdoor Pool). I love that pool. Second, one must commit to something full of flavour and size. It’s make or break time. I was literally starving. I showered the chlorine from my skin, got dried off, and made my way through the crowds surveying Taste of the Danforth. I didn’t know what to eat. I just didn’t want to barf all over anybody. I almost past a guy handing out flyers and calling out menu items and prices. I typically don’t like being bothered when I’m hungry or just wanting to be alone but he was cute and that always wins my vote. I grabbed his eager flyer and went into the eatery. It was hopping which I expected seeing there was that Greek Festival going on. But I quickly noted that the patrons seemed more like regulars and the place was relatively low key considering the big day that was outside the door. I ordered a special, a shawarma with beef and pop. That’s when I really saw them. Three beautiful fellows working the grill prep and cash like pros. Lots of heart, lots of smiles. A real connection to whoever was in front of them, including me. The fellow could tell I was a newbie and made the ordering easy. The rest of the situation was just plain easy on the eyes. Those¬†Lebanese men, I gotta tell ya, Alpha males all the way. Everyone wanted their great food and everyone wanted to talk to them. They were like three local celebrities. As I ate my delicious beef shawarma I couldn’t help but take in the atmosphere. It came from the brothers three who had all their audience completely mesmerized with great food, traditional music and a little magic. I wanted to get a pic of them but I had to get on my way. You’ll just have to stop by and meet them for yourself. I’ll be back for sure. It was so chill and so memorable. I loved it!

Shawarma Boys
721 Pape Ave

Bruce in the City!

Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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