The College Connection Part 1

Posted by Bruce on November 08, 2015
Check it Out!, Restaurants, Try It!

I love the corner of College and Yonge.  I love this joint called Fran’s!  It’s just west of Y & C!  Oh, did you think this was going to be an article about education?  That’s funny!  I’m giving you guys an education right here on my blog that you’ll never get in college.  Be that an over statement maybe, but this blog is still not about your higher learning.
However, we do tend to tackle a lot of very helpful and important topics right here on Bruce in the City.  For example, eating.  Eating is very important to talk about. If you don’t eat you wouldn’t be able to learn at school!  Drinking: If we didn’t talk about drinking you may choose to drink crap wine.  That would be a sin and therefore you would go straight to Hell.  So religion is also tackled here!  Outstanding!  Socialization: I let you know the hot spots and you guys go there and totally socialize.   I teach you in such a way that you can apply all the major life strategies and you can have an abundant life.
Let’s try it all together in mathematical terms Eating + Drinking = Religion + Socialisation definitely equals a bloody good time so don’t tell me there is nothing to be learned here.  This is PHD material.  It’s this desire for higher learning that I tackle a fundamental truth.  Relationships suck!  I’m kidding but no they do suck and everyone knows it.  But like food, drink and socialization we have to submit to it (on some level) in order to have an abundant life.  Right?
My only real question is why are we so interested in what everyone is doing in bed?  Seriously!  It seems like everywhere I turn there is conversation about where we put it.  Who’s getting it and who shouldn’t be getting it or giving it and why we are all going to Hell for any of the above.  Why?  Seriously!!  I think the people generating most of the animosity regarding sexual relations and appetite are those who aren’t getting any.  I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say, “I’m getting the best sex of my life right now and it is just fundamentally wrong to engage in such a wonderful life experience.  I must be a wicked asshole!”  No.  On the contrary! Those people are quietly thinking, “I’m having outstanding sex and my life rocks!”
Here is the social twister; my hunch is that most of the people having this amazing, mind blowing sex are either single or in the throws of a new relationship be it an hour, month or year!  So what is all this talk about sex everywhere then?  It’s the desire to have it.  I think we all take sex for granted.  I am not joking.  I’m assuming here most of my readers are under 70, so the desire and ability are still in tact (even if pharmaceutically enabled).  But people, here is the reality check.  Like good looks it really doesn’t last forever.  Someday your V JJ won’t want to engage in this activity anymore.  Your ding dong will finally have to submit to the fact that the witch is dead and memories of better days will be your only saving grace when you realize you’re standing on your balls and can’t feel it!  Be responsible and get out there and have some great sex people.  Relationships suck and so should you!  Now back to eating and drinking!

5 kisses out of 5


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