Dancing Blueberries!

Posted by Admin1 on September 08, 2013
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You know sometimes I am just the luckiest kid on the block. I have been writing my weekly blog  since October 2010 and I have met some of the most interesting people and have eat’n and shopped at some of the cutest little spots and I love writing about them.

It happened to me yet again.  I popped out of Toronto for about 30 seconds and stumbled upon the cutest little tea shop east of the milky way!  I was visiting my Mom and Dad in Peterborough. It’s such a funny little place, Peterborough. I really enjoy going there. The little downtown is actually pretty fabulous and I have featured another fun spot a while ago, a karaoke bar.

Now don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t stay in that little city too long because lurking around every second corner is a crazy person.  Ya, it’s true. They just pop out from behind the bushes and flash you there what’s it’s. I think, I might have glimpsed an upper boob that read “Not your ordinary Grandma!”  It’s a cute place you know but it’s like any other place that’s surrounded by to much farm land and low water levels, something odd happens to the inhabitancies!

In this city the folks are encouraged to cross the railroad tracks to get to the local pub! What happens when they all come back half corked? The cities population is always fluctuating and the locals blame it on the seasons!

The air is kinda funny in Peterborough. There is always a hint of something more.  No it’s not manure. It’s a little greener.  it just seems to edge by the nostrils as you stroll the downtown core.  Funny, that air is. Really seems to help you relax.  I really chill out when I’m exploring the downtown.

It was after a few hefty inhauls of that wonderful green air, that I noticed the “Dancing Blue Berries”  Just there! Inviting me to cop a spot.  I was really looking for the perfect place to let the burdens of my life role away.  I had a seat just by the window so I could see the strange passers by. So many still wearing plaid and jeans that flared from the hips down.  What a site. People not concerned about how hideous there fashion sense was but were on a mission to get to that bingo hall of hope.  Good times!

I felt inspired and I began to miss Toronto.  Then the sweetest girl came up to me and asked me what I’d be having. She playfully went through the types of tea they had and I made my choice. You could tell she loved what she was doing.  She was a quirky little thing.  Remind me a bit of Pippi Longstocking!The décor was so special as well. Like a tea shop of old right out of “The Little House on the Prairie”. There were no dirt floors though, no. They had real floors. All polished up and yet warn some.  The shop had been there a while and had seen many travellers.  Now I was one of them. Taking a load off.  A real break from the big city.  It reminded me of Belleville but with more teeth.  A place I lived many moons ago. Most of the moons were down by the bay, where the boys met on a Saturday night. It was there I lost my true love to someone else’s full moon!

I placed my little order. I wanted something sweet and something calming. I decided on some Camomile tea and the pecan pie.   When she brought it to my table I was surprised to see it was real tea. Not from a bag but loose leaf tea. Just the way I like it.  And, to top it off it was served in an old fashion porcelain tea cup. It was amazing. You know, tea tastes way better from a porcelain tea cup!!  You must try it. If you are the brawly man type you can always try it alone in bed as you watch an episode of hog racing. That way no one has to know you’re cultured.

The tea was amazing and the desert I had, was moan worthy. I just kept moaning every time I took a bite and in fact there were many moans coming from the other patrons as they tasted their deserts and sipped their tea. It was hot! The tea! We all moaned together and sipped, nibbled and smiled at each other.

We couldn’t decide whether we were high off the homemade sugary goodness or that Peterborough air, that kept wafting in from porch.   Whatever it was, the air, the tea or that fabulous pie, I will certainly be back the next time I visit my folks!

Dancing Blue Berries


5 kisses out of 5








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