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Posted by Bruce on November 13, 2016
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Hey Brucesters!  Thanks so much for joining me for another Bruce in the City moment.  Seriously so much is going on round about me I really don’t know what to talk about these days.  Luckily I pick the topic and the rant so I guess here we go!
First, I saw Loreena McKennitt the other night at Massey Hall and she was just spell bounding!  She just gets better by the year.  I think some talent just gets better with maturity.  The experience of years and travel can add so much to an artist’s work.  I’m not sure that is the case for Pop artists.  Seems like a rarity that a Pop artist can sustain themselves through the fields of their youth.  Some do however and the work they create is way better in some cases later in life.
Some of course are just brilliant from the start.  Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, Carol King, David Bowie and who could forget Leonard Cohen in my opinion were out of the gate running.  Their craft seemed beyond their years.  Not by corporate design but just resonating deep in their consciousness.  Clearly McKennitt would fit this bill.  From her early years playing on the streets of the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto she was captivating on a very inspired level. Loreena is obsessed with the history and migration of the Celts and it brings to mind the deep conscience of Joan Baez.  Although a singer and writer of folk, Joan’s contribution to music is often under estimated but never equaled.
It really blows my mind when an artist can perform basically unplugged and take you to another place in the human spiritual condition.  If you’re not comfortable with the word spiritual then let’s talk physiological shall we.  There is something very real and profound that happens to the listener when those melodies fill the forum.
I love that she doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel.  Loreena stays true to what matters to her.  And really what matters to so many.  If that wasn’t so, venues would not sell out and her name would have been long forgotten.  It’s not however and her relevance grows in time.
As she reminded us all to get back to our roots.  Get back to the earth.  You can say what you will but these things really matter on such a deep level.  We are becoming so disconnected from each other.
To be honest I don’t always have it in mind what I’m going to write about.  Today I was actually planning on going in a completely different direction but that’s the fun for me anyway when writing my blog.  Sometimes it’s perfect to just let the words come and then let them speak for themselves.
Check it out and enjoy!

Loreena McKennitt

Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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