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Posted by Bruce on November 13, 2012
Bruce's Book Club

Bruce’s Book Club! My review and my last choice read for 2012!

Well I gotta tell ya. I really enjoyed Steve Martin’s book “An Object of Beauty” but the one thing that I found strange was being able to read past the fact that it was Steve Martin writing. Some of the more provocative story line and language was a bit creepy simply because I had Mr. Martin’s voice in my head.

I guess and I have not read any but it would be like reading one of Madonna’s children’s stories and having “Erotic” playing in the background. Once a celebrity has made a name for themselves is it easy for them to transcend the celebrity box their choices have created for them?

I’m lucky in a way. I have allot of interests and little celebrity so I can write what I like and sing what I feel and most of the time no one could care less but celebrity changes everything and though I enjoyed Martin’s novel allot, it was still very strange having his voice as the narrator inside my head!

I still will give this read a 4 kisses out of 5!

Ladies and Gents! My last reader’s choice for 2012!!!

The Extra Man by Jonathan Ames

Meet Louis Ives: well groomed,romantic,and as captivating as an F. Scott Fitzgerald hero. Only this hero has a penchant for ladies’ clothes, and he’s lost his teaching post at Princeston’s Pretty Brook Day School after an unfortunate incident involving a colleague’s brassiere!

Meet Henry Harrison: former actor, failed but brilliant playwright, and a well seasoned escort for New York City’s women of means. He dances alone to Ethel Merman records, second acts operas and performs his scrappy life with the dignity befitting a self styled man of the world.

How do their paths cross and what on earth do they get up to!!!

Well let’s find out!



A little info of Jonathan Ames, care of wikipedia! Don’t you just love wikipedia?!

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