The “Ick” Factor

Posted by Bruce on April 03, 2019
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For fudge sakes! Just when you get in a good rhythm with your workout, life jumps in and smacks you with a dumbbell. For several months I’ve been getting to the gym almost daily smashing my core. Building my legs! Just working out with my goals top of mind.
Then life gets in the way. First my birthday. Time to visit the family for a few days because everyone (with all good motives) wants to fill you full of goodies and cake and spend quality time together. This is all very good stuff but where does one fit in their workout? Then you return home to discover one of your relatives you were spending time with was sick! So of course you come down with a bug. Sore throat, chest mucous, coughing, running nose, slight fever, and a partridge in a pear tree! Now twelve days later my ass is still in bed and I have not seen one hot guy at the gym. I mean I haven’t worked out at all. I have four more sessions with my trainer and I can’t get my beautiful bubble butt out of bed to work the freak out. This is discouraging! This makes me so angry really. I’ve got goals! I’ve got Pride and it’s only a few short months away. I just feel “ick”.
What the freak am I going to do?
First, calm down. Deep breath in, followed by a coughing fit. A soft exhale, followed by a coughing fit.
Second, forgive your relative that made you sick! That’s a hard one but okay, forgiven. He got gout the next day so the gods took care of him. Oh now that’s just cruel. I do hope he gets better quick.
Third, do some small stuff at home. If you’re able, get that dusty old soccer ball out of the closet and do a few focused crunches. Just a couple. Work a bit on some light core exercises like the ones I mentioned a couple of Wednesday’s back. Pat yourself on the back and then get back to bed.
Fourth, in my opinion cheat little. You already feel like shit so have a little treat and then try not to beat yourself up over it.
Fifth, get a plan in motion: a date to return to the gym pending flu recovery.
Sixth, let it go! Working out is a journey not a destination so it’s okay! Literally remind yourself, it’s okay. You may feel like you are failing but use this time as a test. Will I give up or do I have a plan in place to get back in the game once I’m feeling better?
Well although honestly I’m feeling super discouraged, I also got in touch with my trainer and hope to be back into the gym by week’s end. If you find yourself experiencing the “ick” factor this week just remember, you’re not a big fat failure! Seriously, shake it off Taylor, there’s always next week!

Wish me luck

Bruce in the City


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