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Posted by Bruce on October 15, 2017
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There’s never any excuse not to check out a hot jazz ensemble. That’s why when I was visiting my family in Peterborough this week for some serious R and R I had to stop into this swag little place that’s infamous for its great live jazz music. The place is called The Black Horse. When I walked in I was a little taken back. I expected what I would normally see in Toronto, people dressed to the nines. Clean shaven men tapping their toes and ladies all a glow with the latest drink trend enjoying some Jazz before the reality of high rise office life found them in the morning. When I entered The Black Horse I was like, “I’m home”. The bar was lined with beards best in show. The guys looked like they easily new every song from Led Zepplin or Metallica and the ladies… there was one. Not including the wicked vocalist performing on the stage to my left. I was torn, do I gaze euphorically at the beard buffet to my right or do I sip my Corona, mind my own business, and fall under the spell of Ms. Marsala Lukianchuk? Being a man of notable ability I quite easily decided on both. Marsala was swag personified. Her chops were undeniable scatting out some of the best vocals I’ve heard in a while. Her audience of sexy bearded fellows were captivated by her and for the first time ever in a pub I can honestly say I don’t think the boys were there for the beer. Even the incredible trumpet player was sporting a badass beard (Cleber Cardoso Bittencourt) Those bears were cubs that night and Marsala was the jazz hot! To my shock a few of the fellows actually got up as she graciously shared the stage with other local talent including a wicked base player. She did a duet with a male vocalist and knocked everybody’s work socks off and even that one lady patron got up and sang Blues Skies. Marsala Lukianchuk was really incredible. Rob Phillips is the bands keyboard and musical director. He has performed in several locally successful ensembles. Marsala  has also done a tonne of work and there are many great clips of her on YouTube. I can’t wait to catch her with Rob Phillips the next time I’m in town.

The pubs get 3 kisses out of 5

Marsala and ensemble 4 kisses out of 5


Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

As promised Badass B.I.T.C  Beard of the Week is…..

This weeks hot beard belongs to Matt! His girlfriend submitted his pic to and when asked why she submitted his stunning beard pic she simply said

“Other than the fact that he’s incredibly yummy?! Lol, He’s lived with his beard longer than he’s lived without it. He has had it for more than half his life.”

He is certainly yummy!

I think that justifies Matt being Badass B.I.T.C Beard of the Week! Congrats Matt you have been added to the year end draw!


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