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Posted by Admin1 on March 08, 2018
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In honour of International Woman’s Day on March 8th, here is my very special guest writer Joy Grossman. Enjoy her story.
It all started at a very young age when i was about 5years old, my parents took me to a family wedding and I was wearing a beautiful dress with a white fur bolero jacket and matching white gloves. I looked like a little Coco Chanel. I always loved fashion and growing up I always wanted to pick out my clothes and gave my mother a hard time about it. Around the age of 16 I got into modeling and I was so excited to be so close to designer clothes and wear such gorgeous pieces that I only saw in Magazines.
I got really obsessed with Fashion! I dragged both my parents to NYC because I saw a pair of Prada Mary-Jane pumps I had to have but they were sold out worldwide. I thought if I went to the FlagShip store in New York I could get them. I didn’t tell my parents how much they were, I would worry about that when he time was right. My father left my Mom in line at to get us Threatre tickets, my father & I was off to the Prada store! On the way he asked me how much the shoes were…a lot, I said. He laughted and said “just don’t tell your mother” my dad was the best! The shoes were sold out and I was put on a 3 page waiting list. It’s about the hunt to get a special item. I never got the shoes but I was definitely a very determined girl.

As a teen I would go to Queen Street and Kensington Market and put together outfits for super cheap and look like I just walked out of Vogue. I loved the hunt of a great piece!

My father used to wait to leave to work to see what outfit I was wearing and how I put myself together. He was my biggest fan.
During my early 20’s I started working at a jewlrey store selling and then becoming a buyer and visual merchandiser.  While working I decided to go back to school for Interior Decorating and Design.
After I graduating I interviewed with a few design firms but I was offered a poistion at Holt Renfrew and decided to have fun and continue working in Fashion for a year or so…
I worked in Designer Fashion as the Balenciaga specialist and I was surrounded with all the designers I loved. I built up my clientele and enjoyed styling and selling. It was my greatest pleasure making women look and feel gorgeous,stylish and talk them out of their comfort zone.
I worked at Holts for about 3 1/2 years and decided to move to The Room at the Hudson Bay.
I continued to build up my clientele and I was often asked “where should I take my designer clothes to resale?”  This was a question that I was hearing daily.
My husband’s friend was really into fashion and he was selling his used designer clothes on EBay. My husband and I soon after thought we should do it for women’s wear…and Coutureforcash had begun!
We had a thriving business on EBay for about 4years. My husband would take pictures of all the items and I would do the client meetings and product listings and my husband would ship the sold goods on his lunch breaks.
During this busy time in our lives, I had my first baby Isabelle, being a first time mom I spent all my time taking care baby and family and not sleeping much. I found it hard doing both, my husband and I decided to stop doing Coutureforcash.
Being a mother comes first to me, when things settled down I would figure what my next adventure would be.
When Isabelle was about 18months I felt like I needed to get back to work! I went back to work at The Room and I started up my business again!
Here we are today and I just had my second little girl Juliet and she is 10months old.
I wanted to be at home with my girls and have my own business. It’s hard to do both with many sleepless nights but it’s worth it. My husband Adam is a great supporter and such a big help to me. I really couldn’t do it without him. I do POP UP shops around the city, mostly downtown and I have my own and I have all my items on EBay. We are planning to re-open a shop on EBay so it’s easier to find our items.
Follow me on Instagram @coutureforcash for postings, fashion idea’s and info about my next POP UP shop.
My personal Instagram is @joysherrygrossman
I welcome everyone to follow me and my beautiful family and business that we all worked so hard for.
Please contact me or go to my website to find out how to consign with me. I’m happy to do house visits and go through your closets with you!
Please feel free to email me with any questions or to set up and meet or to come see collection of goodies!
Joy Grossman for Bruce in the City

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