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Posted by Admin1 on May 17, 2015
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CElQqf9UgAAw4STWho is – The Man with a Drum?

With a Hybridized background of Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Pop experience On the Drum kit, mixed with different types of Cuban, African ,and Brazilian percussion; Toronto, Ontario born and raised Chris Romano has a plethora of music, and musical styles that caters to many different types of fans in Canada and the United States. He also has a position with an entertainment company –  – playing percussion at wedding and corporate events.

“I went out on a whim when I was 18 and took a solo drum excursion to Cuba, with a master conga/percussionist. I decided I had to pursue the realm of hand percussion fully and take on something to challenge myself to the next level. Lucky enough, and after dedicated
practice, I met some amazing new friend(s) – and future business partner(s)
Peter and Marko who are the founders of
Bongo and B Entertainment.”CElZ_NmWYAA63uG

As training began into many fields that are the music world – including advanced music schooling at Humber College – Chris explored his opportunities further and was able to go on tour playing drum kit with Amanda Davids as the band picked up progress for the soon to be released album. They’ve toured across many different parts of Northern Ontario, and then ventured into over 4 states playing over 15 shows over the course of 3 months last year to gain publicity and raise awareness for the record.  This included, on the off weeks, Chris would be performing with fellow percussionists and dancers, while collaborating, and crafting choreographed routines performed at many different weddings and several large festival including Digital Dreams 2013 In Toronto that featured over 25 000+ people on that

 The New Website is about to launch very soon once my videos are published and ready! – for a new project that mostly incorporates DJ’s, Live Club Music and Djembe drumming. This new project also opens the door for teaching possibilities and the future use of home Studio work, recordings, productions and more.

There will also soon to be collaborations with other large percussion artists in the club scene, production on a growing YouTube Star, and NEW soon to be released music created all by Chris.

To stay up to date on all current events and the likeCheck out:
Insta/Twitter – @themanwithadrum

5 kisses out of 5!!!!


Chris Romano

(Guest Writer & Editor)

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