The Men’s Room

Posted by Bruce on November 12, 2017
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I kind of assume that most people know places that I blog about exist, like sushi restaurants, pubs, bear bars, leather clubs and such. But really, when you live in a place like Toronto you do tend to forget that some of these places are not the norm, as fun as they are. I’m thinking this place I’m about to tell you about may be just one of those places. It’s called “The Men’s Room”. Now you all may be picturing a cigar shop or maybe a steam bath. This place however is just a bit more edgy than that. They just celebrated their fourth anniversary and I took a couple of buddies of mine and spontaneously crashed their party. Now the real reason I wanted to stop by is because I actually have purchased and received their flavour of service. Let’s just say it’s for the more open minded male that’s not inhibited and jailed to the confines of penal conservatism. They carry male related toys and jock straps and even beard care. Kilts and T’s and full body sculpting of the hair removal kind and hair styles and grooms of the head. It’s the hair removal and undergarments that got my attention along with their array of beard oils and beard products. They’re an interesting team of men who basically remove the barriers of sexual and sensual limitations really for gay or straight men. Although, and this is only my opinion, I don’t believe straight men are as creative in bed as their queer counter part. I think they could use a trip to the men’s room just to get them on board with post millennium sexuality. Times have changed and labels don’t always help to open the mind to sexual maturity and awareness. The Men’s Room is fabulous and fierce. I will continue to be a fan as long as they keep us boys body beautiful, inside and out. Happy four years boys!


Editor: Mary Ellen Monk

Its that very awesome time again when we find out who is this weeks Badass B.I.T.C Beard of the Week! It’s wicked to get to know my followers on a new level by hearing about what drives their passion. This beard is for the ladies! This dude is definably a passionate tattoo artist with a killer beard! This is Brian and he creates amazing body art in London Ontario.  I think he may be single ladies! If you would like more info on where this Badass Beard does his work just email me at and congrats Brian you are now entered for the year end prize!


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