The Old Nick

Posted by Admin1 on April 22, 2013
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Ouch! God I hate that.  Tissue! Tissue! My Kingdom for a tissue! Seriously, is it just me or can’t they make a razor that doesn’t nick you when your in a HecKoFarUsh! OK, blot, blot. I’m suppose to be meeting a couple of buddies of mine for drinks.  We have no idea where we’re going but “Greek Street” seems to be the easiest under these short time circumstances.  I always seem to be running late. These heels can’t take the pressure.

I caught up with my boys on the corner of Broadview and Danforth!  We vacillated over whether or not we would hit the Pizza Pizza on the corner but decided it would make more sense to get food where we were getting beverage!

My wound was still reeking havoc on my collar line but the night must move on.  My one friend of course was all to aware of his surroundings and  just had to point out the obvious. “How did you get that old nick, old boy?”  Of course I ignored the question.  A gentleman never exposes himself just before cocktails.

Then we saw it, the rainbow.  The welcoming array of colour that any good quality man would be called to follow.  Like a towering beak-on pointing north, I knew we had found our erection and as we enter I thought God I love coincidences.  “The Old Nick!” How perfect considering my medical condition! Which thankfully had stopped blotting on my crisp white dress shirt. Annoying!

The old English rainbow pub was a wonderful surprise since most of the rainbows I’ve ever noticed in the city were running proudly along Church St. Although I don’t really get out like I should so maybe now that Spring is here? (Sorry I just threw up a little in my mouth.) I can get out and discover more rainbow touched places.

It was a “Rosie” little place, with many a lady on the lap of another lady!  How lovely! I think we will fit in just fine here.  As we made our way towards the back of the pub, I broke out in song “Where the boys are…” by Connie Francis and “Shazzam!” there they were.  Boys, for some reason love lingering around the back end don’t they?  Even at the Prom!

I was thrilled to learn “The Old Nick” has live music! The band was called “Stileto Flats” Which I thought of course how perfect I often refer to my flats as my “Man Stilettos!”  They were really good and I was impressed with the lead singers range and song choices.  My fave was “Suddenly I See” by KT Tungsten!

They played a pretty fabulous couple of sets and we talked man chat, you know the drill abs,botox and butt exercises.  The nachos were amazing and the atmosphere was relaxing and inclusive.  We had a great time and who knew a night that started out with an unwanted nick would end with one so enjoyable and wanted!


The Old Nick

4 kisses out of 4

Stiletto Flats

4 kisses out of 5

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