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Posted by Admin1 on February 21, 2016
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I have been so enjoying the weather the last few days.  It’s hard to believe it’s only February.  Last year at this time in the 6 we were hiding indoors escaping -40 degree temperatures and ice attached to our noses.  Yesterday and today in the city I am looking to the sky getting some much needed vitamin D.  The windows of my shop are wide open and the streets are filling with passers, window shopping and filling sacks with their purchased goods.
Families are strolling once again and kids are laughing excited to be eating ice cream in the bleak mid winter.  Not so bleak really this year.  Never the less I hear a boy cheer to his Dad, “I am eating ice cream and it’s winter!”  It was a sight to see.  I actually wanted myself some ice cream at that very moment!
But I digress!  I actually wanted to tell you quickly about a fellow I had the privilege of meeting today.  His name is Devin.  A name close to my heart because many moons ago when I was singing out a lot, my stage name was Devin Williams.  Can you imagine that.  Alas I left that name in the past and assumed my rightful given name of Bruce and became better known as…. well you know!
Anyway, he is a talented Piper.  Like, as in the musical instrument, not plumbing. Although I don’t know much else about him really, I was impressed with his talent on the Pipes.  I have always been drawn to the sound of the Pipes done well.  I did learn he enjoys gardening.  I hinted for some fresh tomatoes from him.  He laughed and promised me some seeds.  Lord knows what I’d be able to do with those.  I couldn’t grow weeds!  I offered to dig!183658_4560021659_7457_n
He was part of a Cubs ceremony and although I have never been part of the organization I have always appreciated the dedication those adults and kids have to their group.  It was really heart warming to see this program and to glimpse what it meant to them. I was in a group similar called Crusaders.  It was more of a religious thing but still had the foundation of what the Cubs still do today.  I’m not sure Crusaders exists anymore.  I wasn’t very good at it really.  I could never get the knots and I hated camping.
As I sat watching the service/ceremony it really made me realize how important organizations like this are.  I honestly think the kids today are scared S&**less!  Look at the world we are handing them.  I hate to sound selfish but I’m glad I never had kids.  I just don’t think I could do it.  I really commend anyone who does right by a child and parents them and leads them.  It seems like the impossible of tasks.  I have no idea how my Mom and Dad did it.
I thought of becoming a Big Brother on many occasions but wasn’t really sure I would do a good enough job.  I worry about the kids really.  I’m not sure most really get to be children at all.  When I saw this group of proud Cubs, Beavers and their guardians I felt a little more hopeful to know they have a place to call home and a space they belong.
The message they gave was to always take the time to hear what a child has to say.  Life is short and kids just don’t have it easy at all anymore.  With Devin The Piper piping and the Cubs and Beavers marching I was kind of choked up thinking about my own childhood and wondered for a moment where did it go.  Ever so quickly.
I’m certainly no spokes person for this group but I do think it’s a very worth while organization.  Feel free to check it out!
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