The Rhythm of his Heart

Posted by Bruce on July 31, 2022
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It began with a resounding company of bagpipes, and the audience was transported back in time and very present, as Rod Stewart made his way onto the stage. His presence was without parallel. Rod Stewart was in perfect voice and showmanship. I’m sorry to say the band that opened the show was certainly a cheap trick, and struggled with vocals and sound quite terribly. Not to mention the lead singer Robin Zander’s wardrobe choice. Like he rolled out of bed and didn’t even try. However, the band itself was very on point and hearing a couple recognizable hits was a treat. 

Every song Rod Stewart sang was nothing short of iconic and the audience sang along with him, which was welcomed by the sparkling rocking crooner. So many hits played in their entirety. Unlike too many current artists of today. So many do mashups of their songs like they are on Glee. Still a great TV show, though I personally don’t enjoy Rock and Rollers or Pop icons mashing up their music like it’s a halftime show.

Rod Stewart live at Budweiser Arena Toronto

Vocally Rod Stewart was at the top of his game. Every song was performed with real passion and heart. It is a tour not to be missed.

The concert was really amazing.  Songs like The Rhythm of my Heart, Tonight’s the Night, and Have I told You Lately. One song I was waiting for was The Motown Song but sadly it was not on the hit list. 

He really reached out to his fans and we definitely heard the rhythm of his heart.

this article is dedicated to my Dad.

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