The Spotted Dick.

Posted by Bruce on December 12, 2010

I know right?  Spotted!  I thought it would be creepy and maybe a little bit dirty but I was pleasantly surprised.  It wasn’t what I had anticipated at all.  I really expected it to be small, smelly and greasy.  When in fact it was quite long and smelled lovely.  It was really just the right size. 

 I sniffed around and got a few good whiffs of some lovely aromas.  In fact that’s what got me to sit right down.  I was ready for a good time.  In fact I got the impression many had enjoyed it over the years.  It did seem a little warn but I just found that even more endearing and pleasant. 

It was allot wider than it had seemed from my first glance.  Which was a good thing because narrow can often cause things to get much too cramped up.  I do prefer wider in any case but it was also long to so that was a bonus. 

 I like it clean.  I don’t know about you but that makes all the difference.  I mean I’m not interested in putting anything in my mouth if the area isn’t well maintained.  I also feel variety is the spice of life.  Taste is everything and I think the prep is so important to.  Everything about it seemed well prepped and ready for business.

Well after I sat down and got my gullet stuffed I couldn’t help but remark on the taste.  I mean seriously the whole thing from top to bottom was completely delectable. I Loved it. Everything was just perfect.  I really found it difficult to stop because i just never tasted anything so good.

I do have to say the host was perfect and made me very comfortable.  He didn’t even mind that I had mentioned his meat was a bit rare.  He took care of it right away.  The sauce he produced really knocked my socks off.  I had to tell him I loved it and wanted to know how he got it so creamy. 

Well anyway, I do expect to return and would love for you to enjoy it for yourself.  For the price you really get your stomach filled to the brim.  The interesting thing I noticed as I left, was that it wasn’t spotted at all.  I highly enjoyed this lovely restaraunt and hope you will to.

The Spotted Dick

81 Bloor Street East, Toronto, ON M4W 1A9(416) 927-0843 

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