The Valentine’s Vex

Posted by Admin1 on February 07, 2016
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Let me first start by thanking JPS for his funny and yet scathing part one review of The (new) Phantom of the Opera (stage play).  I certainly look forward to the continuation next Sunday.  Boy, and I thought I was ruthless.  I think I’ve softened up over the past six years!  I also want to wish him a very Happy Birthday.  It was on Friday, February 5th so Happy Birthday!
I also wanted to thank Erik F for his first wine review.  I am going to try it out for sure and I have received a few emails from other readers who are going to try it also.  No pressure!  If it sucks we are coming after you!  Just kidding!
It’s that special time of year when hearts and chocolate goodies are appearing in the windows of many gift giving shops.  Of course Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  You know I’m always really puzzled at this specific holiday.  I have to be honest and say I’m all for it but I realize there are many who could leave this day of love on the shopping room floor.  I have to say I don’t really understand why.
I hear so many people, men and women, who constantly bark out their annoyance to this particular day.  I would really like to understand why.  Don’t worry I have already thought of all the arguments like what about single people?  People should show love all year! It’s a money grabber!  And on and on but if that were the case why don’t we just scrap all those annoying holidays that rape our wallets and just stay home and sulk!
Honestly though aren’t we missing the point?  Life is busy!  Life is full of shit!  Is it so horrific to make an extra point to tell someone how much you love them?  And yes, if your partner is never sharing the love and only seems to show up on any holiday to toss you over a card and then hope for an impromptu sex romp with the love of their life then ya, I agree, forget about it!
I think it’s important to keep in mind that “maybe” you’re the one that’s dried up over the years and you could use a little sugar along with that spice.  I get tired of people pissing on these wonderful opportunities to give a little something extra to the one you love.  How you choose to give and what you choose to spend is not the point and if you are making it the point why don’t you get off your butt, get a little creative and give something from your own personal talents.
Let’s not forget all you fabulous single people…. Stop crying all over cupid’s holiday!  Please repeat after me.   Love will come to me if I want it.  Being single is perfectly fine too and I will choose to remember to love myself today so that when love from another person does come my way I won’t be all crusty and stale and will be open to that love.  However, if I remain single I am perfect just as I am and dammit I shall buy myself a box of chocolates to celebrate me!
So hate it or love it, Valentine’s Day is not just about money or about the love of an outside factor.  The reality of that is solely up to you.  If you think it is, then maybe you are missing the point all together.  It’s about love.  Something that gets so little attention in this sarcastic, dangerous, cruel, shallow place we call earth.
I have a few lovely places I really enjoy visiting during this time of year.  Whether you’re in a relationship or not, check these sweet places out where you can get your love on for self or for someone else!!

Check it out!

Happy Valentine’s Day


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