The Vinyl Resurgence

Posted by Admin1 on May 27, 2018
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Tech this! Tech that! App this! App that! Stream this! Stream that! Spotify! iTunes! Netflix!
It’s all so antisocial and non committal. It’s using someone else’s underwear. Rip it off some cyberspace and lose it all with a virus crash. Don’t misunderstand me I love all this on the spot, self gratifying, get where and when I want it, because god damn it, waiting is so last decade!
However, I gotta tell you there is still nothing like walking into a vinyl shop and cruising the record stand for the latest, or even sexier, the retro artist to spin on the crystal needle and chill. Hook me up with some vintage U2, Sarah McLachlan, Culture Club to start and then round me off with some Herbie Hancock, Earth Wind and Fire, and Electric Light Orchestra.
Pop Music has got it baby and I’m not just talking genre. The shop is called “Pop Music”. Clever, sleek, raw! The latest vinyl releases at your finger tips with all the classic retro jazz, rock, funk, and soul all in one manifesto of counter culture and popular culture! Vinyl is back with a vengeance and this fly shop is just what the doctor ordered. Records and Tees! You know I never thought I’d ever say that again on the day I bought my first CD. That soulless disc that stole the epic sound of music on vinyl. I don’t care who you are, nothing sounds as bad ass as The Doors on the turntable. Drop the needle with Joan Jett. Feel the revolution with Bob Marley and that unforgettable groove. The owner of this must visit shop is Derek. He’s into it. You can feel it as I overhear him talking weekly chart toppers and trade release on the hot or not music industry playlist with a patron. He’s got it all! He’s got it now! I still have my records that I bought when I was 12. Thriller! Olivia Newton John vol 2, Joshua Tree, Joe’s Garage! I knew it wasn’t over for that beautiful black lava. Chilled for our listening pleasure. Derek’s shop is the hub of the vinyl resurgence here in the city. New tees and records weekly and some pretty sweet collectables to fill your sack with goodness. I’ll be visiting Pop Music often to add to my already incredible collection of artists. The sound, the smell, the hiss of something so real you can almost reach out and touch it. Shop local. There’s nothing real about a download.

Pop Music Records and Tees
Derek Antonio
581 Gerrard Street East
Toronto Ontario Canada
Follow Instagram @POPMUSICTO


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