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Posted by Bruce on July 27, 2014
Check it Out!, Really?

20140618_165531 (2)I was watching a few interviews that actor Kim Cattrall had done this past week to promote her latest work “Sensitive Skin” on HBO Canada. It’s about a 50 something woman who has lost her identity and confidence because of a long exhausting marriage and issues with aging.  I tuned in. I’ve been a fan of Ms. Catrell since her true breakout roll in Mannequin, so I have literally watched her entire career on film and T.V.
As I watched and listened to the interviews I was amazed at how absolutely sure she seems with her career and life.  However it can’t be easy being in the position she is in as one of Canada’s best living exports and now she is going to carry us away with a brand new show “Sensitive Skin” and a subject matter that could really be amiss with her audience.
We know her as a strong charismatic person on and off the screen and will this new less confident character hurt that ever so carefully crafted image of strong unapologetic woman power?  Well if you’re asking me, I say it’s an incredibly brave character to play. You see as long as there has been oxygen, woman have had to face that dreaded thing called aging and it baffles my mind why they put up with it. I don’t mean aging of course. I mean how woman are treated because they are doing what comes naturally to everyone. Age! I watched Kim doing her job on the small screen. Acting her guts out and turning a phrase like she owns it and I see a very incredibly stunning woman and I wonder who is trying to convince us that this is not what’s hot.
I think she looks better now than she did 10 years ago. Seriously! She has, as men like to say to each other, “Grown into her looks”.  She is smart, sexy, sophisticated, and strong! And really hot! I actually think the problem isn’t the age factor but the experience factor. Why put Kim on the cover of Vogue when you can get some newbie who is so green behind the ears she can be told how it’s going to be done instead of the other way around. Let’s face it, who is telling Madonna which end is up? I think it’s a lot easier to control the new girl on the block!  Men are like boys in the school yard; they want to be in control.  If she has too much experience, it’s easier to find a girl that’s a little easier to control.
I also see so many stunning woman on screen that are getting work done on their faces and I think what asshole is telling them to do that. I mean when it comes to skin deep beauty it doesn’t really get any better than the women on the big screen. No matter what their age. I’d love to sit down with them all and say, “Stop today.  Stop getting work done. You are stunning just the way you are.”  And I don’t think they are as castable once they have altered their looks too much. They just end up looking like dolls, and for who?
Seriously, is Kim’s audience going to stop liking her just because she has a few well earned lines on her forehead? Is that really true? Because when I am watching an outstanding performance by an actor that happens to be a woman I’m not thinking “Uh oh, she is looking a bit older so I guess I won’t go see her movies anymore”.  I would love to see woman who are covering entertainment news refuse to support the stories on age in Hollywood. You’re kicking yourself in the ass. Seriously why did Mary Heart leave Entertainment tonight?  I’d say go screw yourself, lets talk about how great the performance is and move on.
That’s corporate bullshit that basically prays on the self esteem of an actor. Now I am not suggesting that Kim has had any work done at all. In fact she looks very natural to me but I am no pro. I just hope these woman of a certain age would stop it really! If your audience is paying attention to you because you are pressed out so lean then it’s time to give them the proverbial finger because that is really why you begin to lose the edge of who you really are.
That may in fact be one of the reasons why some great actresses disappear and some do not. Oprah I think said it best when she said, “Find your authentic self”.  I think that is so true. I think that is why someone like Kim Cattrall can change the dialogue of a generation of woman because it’s truly about her craft and not about how tight she can keep her face.
This age thing is a load of crap. I think Hollywood needs to get a grip. They wonder why the box office is suffering. It’s because they are trading in talent for youth and losing their audience. People are only thrilled so long with special effects and trendy new stars.
Kim’s new venture is going to be brilliant because she is an incredible “Artist”.  She isn’t fodder for an audience that isn’t paying attention anyway. Her acting is credible and real and it resonates with people.
There are a lot of good young actors out there. I am not saying there are not. I’m just trying to remark on something I hear often.  What happened to…. Why doesn’t she get any work anymore? In the end we are tired of being told who’s hot and who’s not. We can figure that out for ourselves. Clearly HBO seems to get it!  Now that’s a smart group of suits! And skirts!

Editor: Mary Ellen Monk

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