A Woman in Red

Posted by Bruce on August 05, 2018
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Hey Brucesters

What a week! I was planning on beginning my month break from my blog when of course a bunch of cool stuff starts happening and bam, I want to write about it! I met a new friend at an event I was doing an article on and we seem to hit it off. Since then we’ve gotten together a few times and it’s really been a tonne of fun. A few of our outings are chronicled on my Instagram (@bruceinthecity). I was planning on going to my cousin’s for a family BBQ but the morning I was to go I wasn’t feeling very well. I felt bad but I’m not the type of guy to pass around bugs to my peeps.
Luckily the stomach thing that was bumming out my Saturday morning passed and later in the afternoon I took a stroll around the city. My new chum contacted me and we decided to stroll together.
As the evening arrived he suggested we stop by Dundas Square. There was some outdoor concerts going on and so we stopped by to check it out. A good crowd was gathered and from a distance we could see a young woman (Lydia Ainsworth) was dressed in a beautiful red sheer ensemble. The designers name is Nelly Akbari. You can find her designs on Instagram @nellyakbari There was some sexy beats coming from her midi gear supported by four classically trained musicians and two modern dance artists on either side as she vocalized. I went from, “Hey this is pretty cool” to “This is very good” to “Damn she’s really talented” to “Okay this is awesome and she is brilliant”. If I were to describe her music I’d have to say I heard some really interesting influences possibly from Enigma, Sarah Brightman, Enya and maybe even some Tori Amos in there. Very sexy, spiritual, and creative not to mention very easy to move to and somewhat hypnotic. I’m personally so tired of what’s going on in the music industry at the moment. Diversity in musical style is dead. Sorry but it all sounds like one long mashup. I enjoy moments of it but why is everyone so afraid to be an individual. Where did that music message go? I was encouraged to see this stunning and obviously talented artist embrace a unique yet relevant style taking from some enjoyable pop grooves and spinning her own hypnotic grooves. I have to get an interview with this artist. She has two CDs available for sale and I’ve ordered both! This is the moment in an artist’s life that thrills me because they’re just raw and true to their craft before success and industry can rob the soul. I’ll be doing a review of her latest album in a couple of weeks and who knows maybe I can bag me a one on one interview. Wouldn’t that be brilliant?! Check her out today.



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