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Posted by Bruce on March 11, 2013
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Happy Daylight Savings Time! I can’t tell you how exhilarated I am that day light savings time has begun.  I swear on the Mona Lisa, I thought I was going to climb right up top of my condo and jump. I guess you could say, saved by the clock?  I was out sniffing around this week trying to find some fabulous place to check out.  Some pre Spring shopping maybe and for some reason, more than normal woman seemed to dominate my inner dialogue.  It’s possible that International Woman’s Day may of been the catalyst but I think it all started with that phone call I had last week with one of my very good woman friends.  It was our typical self help chat about how I should stay true to who I am and have more faith in time to resolve my worries and woes.

We have been friends for years and no matter what life throws us and we lose touch with each other we always seem to pick up right where we left off.  I realized after that conversation that she really needed to go higher up the list of “Fabulous Friends”  I told her it was time for chocolate cake and to give me a call soon.  We do chocolate cake it’s our thing.  Mental note to self “Search out a fabulous desert place A.S.A.P!”

After she put me back on track and breathed some hope back into the final weeks of Winter, I headed north on Yonge  towards College and noticed a very interesting little shop on the right hand side of Yonge “Andalous Imports.”  I could smell the incense from the street and the tranquil new age music beckoned for me to come inside.  Without hesitation, I opened the door to a wave of calm.  When I lived in Belleville, to managed a cute bath store called “Promised Land”, I got into meditation, bathbombs and incense.  I just loved that job. Anyway, moving to the big city is great but along the way I have forgotten to take time to relax.

The music played softly and the scents of old world wrapped me like a baby blanket and the calm voice from behind the counter indicated  I was with the memory of an old friend.  I loved this little shop.  I picked up some candles, incense, and some new music of the Celts.  She told me about some stones and told me all about the special sale on crystals.  She was soft and enchanting.  Women can be that way.

At the bus stop two women, in there 80’s chatted.  I sniffed my incense package.  They were complaining about the Tim Horton’s cups and Metro paper that had been scattered about the stop.  I laughed to myself as I heard them blaming it on the men. “Women would never litter this way.” “Men are like children.” They described. “All men are boys and untrained.” It’s funny because this was not a hostile conversation between the two of them.  This is just how they thought about their men.  They were from another time and place.  They were women that still looked after their men.  They had no idea that was a career option most women don’t apply for these days. Rightly so!

Well who was I to disagree so I smiled at them as I threw my Tim’s cup on the ground and boarded my bus. Oh, I’m kidding I never did that. I hoped in a cab! Wink…

I ended up at R and A’s a couple of very good friends of mine to attend a Mexican themed baby shower.  I know right. Funny.  I gave the cutest little baby dress with all the bows and trimmings.  I should have got a matching one for Agnetha and  I got rave reviews on my new look!

A fabulous little girlfriend of mine decided to be honest with me this week.  “You have cute face, good hair.” I replied graciously of course. “But you dress like old man!” Wow, I said really? I was shocked but I appreciated her spunky demeanor. “Go on.” I said. “Yes you dress like old man.”  Her broken English is endearing and she would not hurt a fly so I motioned for her to continue her truth.  “You come with me, I take you, give you makeover.”  She smiled. I said you got it!

She took me to Mexx. A trendy clothing store.  Pants, pants and more pants.  I must have tried on a dozen pairs with her evaluation.  “No good.” “Very good.” “No good.” “Very sexy.” She made me over like “Ryan Gosling” I had located my butt in the mirror. Slim fits, wow now I know why it’s standing room only. I felt like a million bucks. Thanks Chris.

As the baby shower wrapped up, a buddy of mine “UK”  suggested we take my new look and have a nightcap out on Church.  Why not.  The woman had straighten me up emotionally, spiritually, domestically and physically and so now it was time to show it all off at one of the hottest little clubs on the “Church Street Strip” On entering the club the lights were twinkling and the music was pumping. Candles were beckoning and the men were dressed in the latest fashions.  No baseball caps in this night spot. Very New York. Very trendy and hot.  I spoke to the owners partner and he was very kind and welcoming.

Time may heal wounds but the clock was waiting for no one. One nightcap turned into several and me and my new out look on life breathed a sigh of relief.  As I shuffled through the club of well dressed men, sipping my Gin and Tonic I said a quiet toast to all the fabulous women in my neighbourhood and now with Woman’s Day a lovely memory, it’s time to get back to the men so until next week, turn up the base and dance those slim fitters right off!

Church on Church!

5 kisses of out of 5

Totally Hot Hot Hot!

Andalous Imports

5 kisses out of 5


5 kisses out of 5

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