They Call Him Victor Vondelle

Posted by Bruce on May 03, 2020
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Let me introduce you to an incredible entrepreneur and costume artist from Toronto Canada.

His name is James Bickell A.K.A Victor Vondelle. A 28 year old tailor in Toronto. He’s been married for 6 years and sewing for over 10 years. Victor Vondelle as he prefersĀ to be called has been running a home sewing business for 7 years making costumes and clothing for people all over Canada and USA.

His prices are varied, but affordable. He likes to work with peoples’ budgets so they can get what they want. He also does dragĀ as Crystal Rose every now and then.

“My struggles I have when it comes to sewing is motivation and like any artist the thought of “my work isn’t good enough” always sticks by but i push past it when i dress up in some of the things i make and get honest opinions from others.” – Victor Vondelle

Author Bruce Christopher

Editor Martin Rye

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