They must have been The Beatles

Posted by Bruce on February 09, 2014
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I was wrestling this week with what to write about. How many snow storms can be talked about? How many restaurants can one guy eat at? How many times can I use the fraze “Damn you Winter!”  before I poor bleach down my favourite Gucci top!

Let’s face it most of us are spending an awful amount of time indoors and under the covers. Unless of course you are one of the lucky few who get to go on vacate this time of year and get to shake hands with Mickey under a Florida Disney sky. Well, I’m, at least this year, not one of the lucky ones so I have gained several pounds eating too much of everything and I surrender to the cold and feel a great loss of inspiration.

Hmm but wait. I turn on the T.V to try and find something to watch. I’m not yet up on my Netflix so I suffer the cable schedule. I, very unplanned come across “The Grammy’s tribute to The Beatles”

As I watch in amazement as some of the popular artists of the day do their best to invoke the magic that was The Beatles music and for the most they do a pretty great job. I even enjoyed Alisha Keys whom in my opinion seems to shout everything she sings but during her rendition of  “Let it Be” She vocally flexed between soul sister to a gust of warm wind on a summer day. Quit brilliant really.  Katy Perry sounded like Sinead O’Conner!

Anyway I couldn’t help but think what makes a masterpiece of work. what is that something that brings people like John, Paul, George and Ringo that makes the perfect concoction to birth the brilliance and the magic that became The Beatles.  Is it just written in the stars? Could they have been stopped? Is it just what is refer to as “The Machine”?

I don’t know but somehow their music remains unforgettable and life changing to anyone who hears it. Not one person last night looked tired of the music and it has been around for ever. Some of the biggest selling songs of today are enjoyable for about a week on radio rotation and then you want to pull your own eyes out.

What was the secret to the success of the music? Was there an honesty to it that just doesn’t exist anymore? It’s very hard to tell anymore what is an honest pop cultural phenomena because of the huge corporate machine. We are basically told what to love and when to love it.  In the case of The Beatles what they did and who they were and what they had was embraced like a craze before they new what happened.

We still do have those moments of musical magic when an artist suddenly hits it big but is it already hardwired into our heads what we are to get inspired by?

I’m not really sure about any of these questions and I’ll leave them to your own devises but let me just say I can say with a fleet of confidence that these four boys from Liverpool were destined “They Must Have been The Beatles” And no one was going to stop them. Not even the razors edge of a bullet. Not illness. Not frailties of age will ever wither this ever growing seed of brilliance.

Love Live The BEATLES!


(only 41 days until Spring)


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