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Posted by Admin1 on January 20, 2021
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Well, here we are. In lockdown. Pandemic totally horrific. I haven’t written in several weeks. I’m basically on hiatus but I just needed to say hello. From sitting at home all the time I’m just going stir crazy over here. I’m watching reruns of Sex and the City and I find myself dreaming about how the world used to be pre COVID-19. Between RuPaul’s Drag Race episodes and waiting patiently for the next season of Animal Kingdom on Netflix, I basically spend my days trying to keep my shit together. I’m no stranger to panic attacks and depression, but now it seems that’s literally my baseline now in supersonic speed. With all this downtime I guess all I can say is stay strong and go the course. I’m not the best at advice regarding this terrible time but I just wanted to say my heart goes to everyone who has suffered loss. Stay strong, we will get there. 

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