Time for some Church…

Posted by Bruce on November 28, 2011
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What better reason to have a pint but to celebrate a birthday? I got together with the boys this week for just such an occasion. What to do? Hmmm – jazz bar, cocktail lounge, drag club!!! None of the above. We needed a cozy autumn getaway. A place where we could have some great conversation and good beer. I bundled up appropriately and thought “it’s time for some church”.

I headed down to the best church in the city “Church Street”. I couldn’t deny myself some good conversation with the boys. We decided to celebrate at a quaint tavern called O’Grady’s. With two fireplaces, it was the perfect little eatery/bar that we craved.

O’Grady’s is right in the heart of gay town. The village has changed so much over the past few years. The strip was made famous when they filmed “Queer as Folk” there. In it’s heyday, it was a wonderland of drag clubs, cocktail bars and “underground lights out clubs”. However, it has become second rate – filled with burger joints and coffee shops. And, not the good kind of coffee spots. Now it is an Americanized cafe mocha land. (I’ve left out the names to protect the innocent.) You wouldn’t find a live guitarist in any of those places. They’re to busy selling the latest “must buys” displayed on their CD stand. And, don’t forget their latest holiday coffee confection, but I digress …

As we gathered around the perfect table by the window, we quickly ordered a pitcher of organic beer. They asked if it would be the big pitcher and like little girls, we all giggled “yes”. It was huge!!!! Not that size matters! The topics were colourful and interesting as we begin our many rants …

Why can’t the wealth of the first world be shared with the third world in order to provide education, health care and medicine? How many liters are there in this jug of beer anyway? Isn’t it terrible that I can’t get my wife into the country? Ever have any issues with your urethra. No but I love when she sings… R E S P E C T. That music director has no clue how to direct that choir! I got my new Prince Charming doll today, I just love it. And so on and so on …

Ok, we were not a table of academics, but none the less the chatter was enjoyable. The place is cozy and with its healthy mix of generation sex, everyone seemed to be comfortable and the scene very welcoming. It was the perfect spot and our server was excellent. I really had nothing bad to say about my visit. Only that it was not long enough. Sigh!

We wrapped things up about 11 since everyone had to be up early for one reason or another. I will return to O’Grady’s this winter just because it reminds me of another wonderful pub – one that I frequented during a winter retreat in my youth. The food was excellent. I had a wonderful chicken salad with BBQ sauce and the rest of the boys had a round of burgers and fries. Delicious!!!!!! Despite, our mess of drunken conversation, we all agreed that you just gotta love O’Grady’s on Church!!

Just a quick note: Should you happen to try a club,bar, bookstore, coffee house I have recommended please let me know!!!!!

Time for some KISSES!!!!!

5 big wet kisses out of 5!!!!!!



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